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Parenting Children with Diabetes
A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Issues
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Main description:

Parenting Children with Diabetes addresses the absence of information needed for successful diabetes management including more advanced diabetes education, information on emotional trauma, relationships issues and problems inside and outside the home that are caused while growing up with diabetes.

This book offers parents a 360-degree perspective of what is happening to their child as they grow into and grow up with diabetes, from diagnosis to monitoring and controlling their blood sugars to their exposure to other people's opinions in schools and other common situations as to how they should handle their diabetes. This book provides parents with special tools, insights, and education so they can more confidently and effectively communicate, understand, and empathize with their child's experience with diabetes and their child's relationship with the world around them. Eliot LeBow thoughtfully addresses readers and his work

Helps parents resolve resistance to diabetes management
Creates and fosters emotional stability within the family living with diabetes
Guides parents to building a healthy, supportive relationship for and with their child
Prepares parents for the emotional ups and downs of diabetes management
Offers insight into situations most children living with diabetes face
Provides information about working with the school system to make sure their child is safe



1 The Day Everything Changed

2 What the "Diabetes Diagnosis" Means

3 Managing My First Shot and My Family

4 What Going Back to School Means

5 Deescalating the Defiant Child

6 Navigating the Impact of Out-of-Control Blood Sugars

7 Managing Low Blood Sugars

8 Navigating High Blood Sugar Hell!

9 Addressing the Problems at School

10 The Continuous Glucose Monitor Experience

11 The Insulin Pump Process


Appendix A: 100 Dos and Don'ts to Make Your Child Smile!

Appendix B: Resources

Appendix C: 504 Sample




ISBN-13: 9781538163894
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Publication date: January, 2022
Pages: 224
Weight: 615g
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Subcategories: Endocrinology


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