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Object Recognition, Attention, and Action
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Main description:

Human object recognition is a classical topic both for philosophy and for the natural sciences. The idea that visual recognition is action oriented developed in philosophy and psychology but inspired the approaches of sensory-motor integration in physiology and active vision in robotics. Attention, originally a psychological concept, is now a hot topic both for the neurosciences and computer science. Indeed, problems of competition among concurrent processes of data analysis, task requirements, and economic allocation of processing resources remain to be solved. Ultimately, understanding of object recognition will be promoted by the cooperation of behavioral research, neurophysiology, and computation.

This book provides an excellent introduction to the issues that are involved, with chapters that address the ways in which humans and machines attend to, recognize, and act toward objects in the visual environment.


Integrates insights from behavioral approaches, brain imaging, and single-cell recordings as well as machine intelligence

Human object recognition is a classical topic both for philosophy and for the natural sciences



An Editorial Overview I: Object Recognition Occlusion Awaits Disclosure
G. Plomp and C. van Leeuwen Functional MRI Evidence for Neural Plasticity at Early Stages of
Visual Processing in Humans
S. Schwartz Pattern Recognition in Direct and Indirect View
H. Strasburger and I. Rentschler Part-Based Strategies for Visual Categorisation and Object Recognition
M. Jüttner Recent Psychophysical and Neural Research in Shape Recognition
I. Biederman Object Recognition in Humans and Machines
C. Wallraven and H. H. Bülthoff Prior Knowledge and Learning in 3D Object Recognition
M. Gschwind, H. Brettel and I. Rentschler Neural Representation of Faces in Human Visual Cortex: the Roles of
Attention, Emotion, and Viewpoint
P. Vuilleumier II: Attention Object Recognition: Attention and Dual Routes
V. Thoma and J. Davidoff Interactions Between Shape Perception and Egocentric Localization
H. Sogo and N. Osaka Feature Binding in Visual Working Memory
J. Saiki Biased Competition and Cooperation: A Mechanism of Mammalian
Visual Recognition?
G. Deco, M. Stetter and M. Szabo III: Action Influence of Visual Motion on Object Localisation in
Perception and Action
H. Ashida Neural Substrates of Action Imitation Studied by fMRI
S. Tanaka Two Types of Anticipatory-Timing Mechanisms in
Synchronization Tapping
Y. Miyake, Y. Onishi and E. Pöppel
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ISBN-13: 9784431998242
Publisher: Springer (Springer Japan)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 263
Weight: 409g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Neuroscience
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