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Maintaining and Improving Health

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Main description:

The fourth edition of Nutrition: maintaining and improving health continues to offer wide-ranging coverage of all aspects of nutrition, including: nutritional assessment epidemiological and experimental methods used in nutrition research social aspects of nutrition the science of food as a source of energy and essential nutritients variation in nutritional needs and priorities at different stages of the life-cycle hospital malnutrition the use of dietary supplements and functional foods Completely updated, this accessible textbook offers a comprehensive guide to the roles of diet in causing, preventing and even treating chronic disease and maintaining good health. The importance of improving health is a guiding principle throughout the book and is underpinned by health promotion theory. This is essential reading for all nutrition and dietetics students, including those studying nutrition modules as part of food science, catering or health care courses


Concepts and principles Changing priorities for nutrition education Food selection Methods of nutritional assessment and surveillance Methods used to establish links between diet and disease Dietary guidelines and recommendations Cellular energetics Energy, energy balance and obesity Introduction to energy aspects of nutrition Energy balance and its regulation Obesity The Nutrients Carbohydrates Protein and amino acids Fat The micronutrients The Vitamins The minerals Variation in nutritional requirements and priorities Nutrition and the human life-cycle Nutrition as treatment Some other groups and situations The safety and quality of food The safety and quality of food


ISBN-13: 9781444142464
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Hodder Arnold)
Publication date: August, 2012
Pages: 608
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 29.00
Weight: 1270g
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Subcategories: Nutrition


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