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New Trends in the Molecular and Biological Basis for Clinical Oncology
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Main description:

Newly developed molecular target anticancer drugs have shown remarkable efficacy even in the treatment of intractable cancers such as hepatoma and renal cell carcinoma. As cancer research is becoming a multidisciplinary endeavor, close cooperation across the basic, translational, and clinical research fields holds the promise of further advances in cancer therapeutics. This book sets forth new strategies for development: cancer therapy targeting receptor tyrosine kinases with clinical utilization of new signaling regulations; interaction between cancer progression and extracellular environments such as inflammatory cytokines and the extracellular matrix; and investigation of biomarkers for personalized cancer therapy, with microarray analysis and pharmacogenomics technology. These and other findings from the latest investigations into cancer cell biology and therapeutics make this book an invaluable source for investigators in both the clinical and basic cancer research fields.


Part I RTK Related Signaling
HER2 Overexpression Attenuates the Antiproliferative Effect of Aromatase Inhibitor in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells Stably Expressing Aromatase

Biomarker Research for Development of Molecular Target Agents

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Receptor Kinase Activity is Required for Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)-alpha Mediated Intestinal Epithelial Survival

A Molecular Mechanism of Diminished Binding Activity between 15 bp Deletion Mutant EGFR and c-Cbl Ubiquitin Ligase

Part II Inflammation, Angiogenesis & Tumor Progression TGFbeta-mediated Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis in Skin and Head-and-Neck Cancer TGF-beta and Tumor Progression Mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species Role of MT1-MMP in Tumor-stromal Interaction Role of Proinflammatory Prostaglandin E2 in Bladder Tumor Progression Part III Biomarkers for Clinical Oncology Molecular Biomarker for Lung Cancer Screening of Biomarker for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Correlating with Clinicopathological Findings Using by Laser Microdissection and cDNA Microarray Biomarkers for clinical oncology Genome-wide cDNA microarray screening of gene expression profiles correlated with resistance to anti-cancer drug treatment and radiation in oral squamous cell carcinoma
Part IV Poster Session Drug Accumulation and Efflux Do not Contribute to Acquired Gefitinib Resistance Difference of EGFR-Binding Proteins between Wild Type and Mutant EGFR Competitive Nuclear Export of Cyclin D1 and Hic-5 Regulates Anchorage-dependence of Cell Growth and Survival Induction of Matrix Metalloprotease Gene Expression in an Endothelial Cell Line by Direct Interaction with Malignant Cells Experession of Rad21 Creaved Products in Oral Epithelium Telomerase-Specific Replication-Selective Virotherapy for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Lines Hypoxia Induces Resistance to 5-Fluorouracil in Oral Cancer Cells via G1 Phase Cell Cycle Arrest


ISBN-13: 9784431998648
Publisher: Springer (Springer Japan)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 216
Weight: 338g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Oncology
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