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Myocardial Viability
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AMI E. ISKANDRIAN & ERNST E. VAN DER WALL The first edition of this book was published in 1994. Since then important advances have occurred in the field of myocardial viability. This, coupled with increasing interest by the scientific community in the broader issues of its relevance to patient care, suggested to us the need to write the second edition. We are most fortunate to have the help of a distinguished group of experts who have helped shape the field; we appreciate their commitments and contributions. Almost all chapters have been radically modified. Chapter 1 deals with pathophysiology of myocardial hibernation and stunning; Chapter 2 with apoptosis; Chapter 3 with the role of positron emission tomography; Chapters 4 and 5 with the role of single photon emission computed tomography with thallium-201 and technetium agents, respectively; Chapter 6 with the role of SPECT fatty acid imaging; Chapter 7 with the role of SPECT FDG imaging; Chapter 8 with the role of cardiac catheterization angiography; Chapter 9 with the role of echocardiography; Chapter 10 with the role of magnetic resonance imaging; and Chapter 11 with clinical applications. Finally, Chapter 12 provides a short summary.


Contributors list. Introduction by the editors. 1. Hibernating and stunned myocardium: pathophysiological considerations; M. Schwaiger, U. Schricke 2. Role of apoptosis in myocardial hibernation and myocardial stunning; R. Baliga, et al. 3. Assessment of myocardial viability with positron emission tomography; H.R. Schelbert. 4. Assessment of myocardial viability by thallium-201; J.J. Bax, et al. 5. Technetium-99m-labeled perfusion tracers for the detection of myocardial viability; R. Sciagrà. 6. Fatty-acid SPECT imaging for assessment of myocardial viability; M.S. Verani. 7. Role of FDG SPECT in viability assessment; J.J. Bax, et al. 8. Detection of myocardial viability by angiographic methods; W. Wijns. 9. Echocardiographic assessment of reversible left ventricular dysfunction; F.A. Chaudry, K. Galatro. 10. Role of magnetic resonance techniques in viability assessment; E.E. van der Wall, et al. 11. Viability assessment: clinical applications; A.E. Iskandrian. 12. Summary by the editors. Index.


ISBN-13: 9789401057936
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 248
Weight: 420g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Cardiovascular Medicine
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`...the coverage of the various modalities is quite comprehensive. The book is very well referenced and contains plenty of figures and tables... This volume will appeal to cardiologists, echocardiographers, nuclear physicians, surgeons and others and would make a useful acquisition to an institutional library.'
ANZ Nuclear Medicine, 32:1 (2001)