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Moral Expertise
New Essays from Theoretical and Clinical Bioethics
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Main description:

This collection addresses whether ethicists, like authorities in other fields, can speak as experts in their subject matter. Though ethics consultation is a growing practice in medical contexts, there remain difficult questions about the role of ethicists in professional decision-making. Contributors examine the nature and plausibility of moral expertise, the relationship between character and expertise, the nature and limits of moral authority, how one might become a moral expert, and the trustworthiness of moral testimony. This volume engages with the growing literature in these debates and offers new perspectives from both academics and practitioners. The readings will be of particular interest to bioethicists, clinicians, ethics committees, and students of social epistemology. These new essays promise to advance discussions in the professionalization and accreditation of ethics consultation.


Part 1. The Concept of Moral Expertise.- Chapter 1. Moral Expertise and Theory Neutrality (Michael Cholbi).- Chapter 2. Credentials for Moral Expertise (Eric Vogelstein).- Chapter 3. Can Moral Authorities be Hypocrites? (Marcela Herdova).- Part 2. Clinical Ethics Expertise.- Chapter 4. Clinical Ethics Experts and the Short Step to Hubris (Autumn Fiester).- Chapter 5. Moral Expertise in the Context of Clinical Ethics Consultation (Stephen Wear).- Chapter 6. Moral Expertise in Medical Ethics (Matthew Butkus).- Chapter 7. TBD (Stella Reiter-Theil).- Chapter 8. TBD (Evan DeRenzo).- Chapter 9. The Nature of Ethical Expertise in Bioethics and Implications for Training of Clinical Ethics Consultants (Johan Christiaan Bester).


ISBN-13: 9783030065102
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 304
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Subcategories: Public Health


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