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Methods in Medical Ethics
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Medical ethics draws upon methods from a wide array of disciplines, including anthropology, economics, epidemiology, health services research, history, law, medicine, nursing, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and theology. In this influential book, outstanding scholars in medical ethics bring these many methods together in one place to be systematically described, critiqued, and challenged. Newly revised and updated chapters in this second edition include philosophy, religion and theology, virtue and professionalism, casuistry and clinical ethics, law, history, qualitative research, ethnography, quantitative surveys, experimental methods, and economics and decision science. This second edition also includes new chapters on literature and sociology, as well as a second chapter on philosophy which expands the range of philosophical methods discussed to include gender ethics, communitarianism, and discourse ethics. In each of these chapters, contributors provide descriptions of the methods, critiques, and notes on resources and training.
"Methods in Medical Ethics" is a valuable resource for scholars, teachers, editors, and students in any of the disciplines that have contributed to the field. As a textbook and reference for graduate students and scholars in medical ethics, it offers a rich understanding of the complexities involved in the rigorous investigation of moral questions in medical practice and research.


Preface Part I: Overview 1. The Many Methods of Medical Ethics (Or, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird) Daniel P. Sulmasy and Jeremy Sugarman 2. A Quarter Century of Empirical Research in Biomedical Ethics Jeremy Sugarman, Ruth Faden, and Alison Boyce Part II: Methods 3. Philosophy: Ethical Principles and Common Morality David DeGrazia and Tom L. Beauchamp 4. Philosophy: Ancient and Contemporary Approaches Diego Gracia 5. Religion and Theology Lisa Sowle Cahill 6. Codes, Virtue, and Professionalism Edmund D. Pellegrino 7. Casuistry and Clinical Ethics Albert R. Jonsen 8. Legal Methods Mark A. Hall and Nancy M. P. King 9. History Susan E. Lederer 10. Literature Tod Chambers 11. Sociology Raymond De Vries 12. Qualitative Methods Holly A. Taylor, Sara Chandros Hull, and Nancy E. Kass 13. Ethnographic Methods Patricia A. Marshall and Barbara A. Koenig 14. Quantitative Surveys Robert A. Pearlman and Helene E. Starks 15. Experimental Methods Marion Danis, Laura Hanson, and Joanne M. Garrett 16. Economics and Decision Science David A. Asch Part III: Applications 17. Research in Medical Ethics: Scholarship in "Substituted Judgment" Daniel P. Sulmasy 18. Reading the Medical Ethics Literature: A Discourse on Method Daniel P. Sulmasy Contributors Index


ISBN-13: 9781589017016
Publisher: Georgetown University Press
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 376
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