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Medical Office Practice
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Use the completely updated "Medical Office Practice, 8th Edition" as the capstone of your Medical Assisting or Medical Office Assistant curriculum. Students experience a full simulation of employment as a medical office assistant through this 30-hour program. All jobs are updated to the latest accreditation guidelines and daily tasks are assigned as they would be in a real world setting, incorporating computer-based procedures and emphasizing the latest HIPAA standards, confidentiality, and ethics throughout. Alternate assignments in the Instructor's Manual give practice in therapeutic communication and working with Spanish patients. "Medical Office Practice, 8th Edition" can help your students bridge the gap from learning in the classroom to working in a medical office.


Welcome to Medical Office Practice! Getting Started: Administrative Functions Job 1: Introduction to HIPAA and Signing a Confidentiality Statement. Job 2: Written Communication-Revising Patient Information Brochure. Job 3: Blocking the Schedule Using MOSS. Job 4: Administrative Functions-Filing Procedures. Job 5: Administrative Functions and Managed Care/Insurance-Preparing Patient Files. Job 6: Administrative Functions-Scheduling Patient Appointments. Job 7: Administrative Functions-Patient Registration. Job 8: Legal Implications-Request for Release of Medical Information. Job 9: Concepts of Effective Communication-Transcription: SOAP Notes. Job 10: Concepts of Effective Communication-Telephone Messages. Job 11: Looking Up a Patient Appointment, Creating Daily Appointment Patient List; Making New Patient Reminder Calls. Job 12: Concepts of Effective Communication and Ethical Considerations-Patient Scenarios. Job 13: Administrative Functions-Scheduling Special Procedures (Mammogram). Job 14: Concepts of Effective Communication-Oncology Consult. Job 15: Concepts of Effective Communication-Making a Referral to a Specialist. Job 16: Administrative Functions-Researching Drug Information. Job 17: Creating a Travel Itinerary. Job 18: Administrative Functions-Blocking the Physician's Schedule. Job 19: Concepts of Effective Communication-Oncology Consult. Job 20: Concepts of Effective Communication-Completing Finished Copy from Rough Draft. Job 21: Legal Implications-Preparing Occupational Exposure Incident Report. Job 22: Office Administration-Ordering Office Supplies and Preparing a Purchase Order. Job 23: Administrative Functions-Manual Appointment Scheduling. Job 24: Basic Practice Finances-Posting Entries on a Day Sheet. Job 25: Basic Practice Finances-Computerized Procedure Posting. Job 26: Basic Practice Finances-Computerized Payment Posting. Job 27: Employee Payroll-Completing Work Record, Preparing and Proving Totals on Payroll Register. Job 28: Protective Practices-Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Job 29: Basic Practice Finances-Posting Adjustments, Collection Agency Payments, and Processing Refunds. Job 30: Managed Care/Insurance-Processing Insurance Claims. Job 31: Procedural and Diagnostic Coding. Job 32: Protective Practices-Identifying Community Resources. Job 33: Concepts of Effective Communication-Scheduling Admission to a Hospital; Preparing Patient for Procedure. Job 34: Administrative Functions-Proofreading and Preparing Final Copies from Draft Copies. Job 35: Legal Implications-Creating or Updating Resume and Preparing for Job Interview. Appendix A: Reference Materials. Appendix B: Job Reference Table. Appendix C: Using Medical Office Simulation Software (MOSS). Appendix D: Forms. Glossary of Medical Terms.


ISBN-13: 9781435481435
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 250
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 20.00
Weight: 1266g
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Subcategories: Midwifery


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