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A Population Science for Sustainable Development Goals
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Main description:

This volume argues for the development of a macro perspective within psychology that more effectively incorporates social structures, systems, policies, and institutions. The book emphasizes how social structures and systems can ultimately promote, or erode, psychological wellbeing. Macropsychology is concerned with "understanding up," or how we can influence the settings and conditions of the society in which we live. Psychology has traditionally been more interested in "understanding down," that is, with the behaviour of individuals and groups; in inter-psychic and intra-psychic and in neurological and biological processes.

This volume argues that psychology can more effectively contribute at the macro or societa level, by addressing grand challenges and global goals, using big data, and intervening at the population level.Bringing together social, organizational, cultural, and health psychology research, the book demonstrates a broad range of areas benefitting from a macropsychology perspective, particularly areas integral to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Contributors address the value of macropsychological perspectives in addressing sub-topics such as:

Mental health
Personality traits and social structure
Disability rights
Food systems
Humanitarian work psychology

Macropsychology: A Population Science for Sustainable Development Goals aims to recognise and give impetus to a neglected perspective within psychology, and to inspire a paradigm-widening within the field of psychology, facilitating greater involvement with social justice and human rights.


Part 1: The Context for a Macro Perspective in Psychology.- Macropsychology: Definition, Scope & Conceptualisation.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Human Rights.- A Macropsychology Perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals.- Macropsychology and Macroeconomics.- Macropsychology, Sociology and Social Policy.- Part 2: The Application of a Macro Perspective to Psychological Practice.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Personality.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Civil Society.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Health.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Child Development.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Disability.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Culture.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Community Development.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Humanitarian Work Psychology.- Part 3: Challenges and Opportunities for a Macro Perspective in Psychology.- A Macropsychology Perspective from Evolutionary Psychology.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Behavioural Insights for Governments.- A Macropsychology Perspective on Evidence for Policy.- Psychology Influencing Policy in Portugal, Norway, Spain and USA.- Macropsychology: Towards a Psychosocialism for the Sustainable Development Goals.


ISBN-13: 9783030501785
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: April, 2022
Pages: 330
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Subcategories: Psychology


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