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Leading with Safety
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Main description:

Leading with Safety defines the practices, tools, and systemsessential to creating an injury–free workplace, including the roleof employees at each level, special considerations for coaching thesenior executive leader, and the two crucial aspects of humanperformance that every leader needs to know. Ending with inspiringreal–world examples or organizations that have put these tools intopractice, Leading with Safety is written for any leader who wantsto lead with safety toward a more robust, productive and effectiveorganization.

Since Leading with Safety was first published in 2005, therehave been considerable advancements in our understanding of safetyleadership. The 2nd edition of Leading with Safety updates the coreconcepts of the first book with new data, results, and insightsthat help the reader more effectively translate the vision of aninjury–free workplace into practice. Additions to Leading withSafety, 2nd Edition, are based on work with more than 2,300 sitesin 60 countries, and more than 7,000 leaders and 500 leadershipteams. New content in the 2nd addition includes: An enhanced viewof the practices, tools, and systems essential to leadingwith safety , New data showing the results of leadershipdevelopment work discussed in the first edition, New data on thelink between culture and safety outcomes and between culture andleadership, Expanded information for senior executive leaders,including a new summary chapter that outlines what executives needto know,  and Expanded section on the role of supervisors andmiddle managers, and methods for engaging and developing thislevel.


ISBN-13: 9780470642108
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Wiley–Blackwell)
Publication date: August, 2021
Pages: 288
Weight: 571g
Availability: Not yet published
Subcategories: Public Health


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