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Introduction to Genetic Analysis plus SaplingPlus Pack
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Main description:

The 12th edition of Introduction to Genetic Analysis takes this cornerstone textbook to the next level. The hallmark focus on genetic analysis, quantitative problem solving, and experimentation continues in this new edition. The 12th edition also introduces SaplingPlus, the best online resource to teach students the problem solving skills they need to succeed in genetics. SaplingPlus combines Sapling's acclaimed automatically graded online homework with an extensive suite of engaging multimedia learning resources.


1. The Genetic Approach to Biology.- 2. Single-Gene Inheritance.- 3. Independent Assortment of Genes.- 4. Mapping Eukaryote Chromosomes by Recombination.- 5. The Genetics of Bacteria and Their Viruses.- 6. Gene Interaction.- 7. DNA: Structure and Replication.- 8. RNA: Transcription and Processing.- 9. Proteins and Their Synthesis.- 10. Gene Isolation and Manipulation.- 11. Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacteria and Their Viruses.- 12. Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes.- 13. The Genetic Control of Development.- 14. Genomes and Genomics.- 15. The Dynamic Genome.- 16. Mutation and Repair.- 17. Large-Scale Chromosomal Changes.- 18. Population Genetics.- 19. The Inheritance of Complex Traits.- 20. Evolution of Genes and Traits.


ISBN-13: 9781319341114
Publisher: W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd
Publication date: June, 2020
Pages: 891
Weight: 611g
Availability: Not available (reason unspecified)
Subcategories: Genetics


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