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Instant Session Plans for Essential Life Skills: Learning and Development

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Main description:

This resource-bank of Instant Session Plans can enable both inexperienced and experienced facilitators to make 'instant' and timely changes to program sessions, and respond positively to specific requirements of group members for: coping with the events and situations they face daily; having their personal needs met; and achieving their ambitions. "Instant Sessions Plans for Essential Life Skills: Learning and Development" contains: an introduction session for use with a new group and a session to bring the group to an end. This title features 4 sessions on each of these 10 topics: unlocking your potential learning to learn; becoming self-motivated; self-coaching; emotional development; harnessing creativity; life management skills; understanding yourself; learning from experience; and, planning for your future. Each session can be: used on its own; as a supplement to other material; as part of a program of several sessions tailored to meet particular needs; as part of a comprehensive course. Each session requires minimum preparation and lasts about one hour.
Each contains aims, plans, homework assignments, photocopiable handouts, plus clear step-by-step instructions for the group leader, with timings, for activities that involve participants working as a group, on their own, in pairs and in sub-groups. In addition to these 40 sessions on learning and development, there are - in separately published manuals - 40 on health and well-being, 40 on self management, and 40 on relationships. This title is suitable for youth workers, therapists, counselors, social workers, nurses, psychologists, care staff, prison and probation staff, and teachers. This flexible and adaptable 'toolkit' resource has been tried and tested over many years of work with diverse groups of adults and young people, and promotes dynamic and enjoyable learning and development.


ISBN-13: 9781905541416
Publisher: Russell House Publishing Ltd
Publication date: February, 2009
Pages: 204
Weight: 615g
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Subcategories: Psychotherapy


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