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In, Against and Beyond Therapy
Critical Essays Towards a Post-professional Era
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In, "Against and Beyond Therapy" challenges the foundations of many of therapy's most take-for-granted and self-serving assumptions. Yet despite its title, it is very far from being yet another anti-therapy book. Rather, the book's central aim is to retrieve what is best in therapy work from what Richard House sees as the pernicious and ultimately deadening forces of institutional professionalisation; credentialism and careerism; 'audit-culture' obsessions with 'evidence-based practice'; and the 'apolitical' psychopathologising of clients - concerns well captured by the term 'the ideology of modernity'. In, "Against and Beyond Therapy" assembles some 15 years of updated critical writings within the broad therapy field, with incisively provocative commentaries on the professionalisation process, the client voice, therapeutic education and training, and research. For practitioners who are highly sceptical about the beneficence of the state regulation of the psychological therapies, this book promises to be a rallying-point for the development of a 'post-professional' therapy culture.
It will be indispensable reading for critical psychologists, and for therapists of all persuasions and modalities who value critical thinking and challenge, and who welcome the opportunity to step outside of therapy's conventional, taken-for-granted 'regimes of truth'.


Foreword by Denis Postle Introduction: Mapping a journey towards a 'post-therapy era' Part I: Intimation of disquiet about 'Professionalised Therapy' 1. The Be-Coming of a Therapist: Experiential learning, self-education and the personal/professional nexus 2. The Unmasking of the Pathologising Mentality: A review essay 3. The Place of Psychotherapy and Counselling in a Healthy European Social Order: A commentary on Tantam and van Deurzen 4. Therapy on the Couch? - A client scrutinises the therapy phenomenon: A review essay 5. Welcoming the Client-Voice Movement Part II: Emergent Postmodern and 'New Paradigm' perspectives 6. Limits to Counselling and Therapy: Deconstructing a professional ideology 7. Deconstruction, Post-(?)-modernism and the Future of Psychotherapy: A review essay 8. Therapy and Postmodernist Thought: Martin Heidegger's relevance to therapy and traumatic experience: A review essay 9. Taking Therapy Beyond Modernity? The promise and limitations of a Levinasian understanding 10. 'Psychopathology', 'Psychosis' and the Kundalini: Postmodern perspectives on unusual subjective experience 11. Therapy's Modernist 'Regime of Truth': From scientistic 'theorymindedness' towards the subtle and the mysterious 12. Towards a New Spiritual Psychology? Integrating Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner: A review essay Part III: Direct Challenges to the professionalisation of Counselling and Psychotherapy 13. Mowbray Distilled: A summary of his The Case Against Psychotherapy Registration 14. Ahead of His Time: Carl Rogers on 'professionalism', 1973 15. Unconsciously Generating Inevitability? Workable accountability alternatives to the statutory regulation of the psychological therapies [with Denis Postle] 16. An Unqualified Good: The Independent Practitioners Network as a path through and beyond professionalization Par IV: Radical 'Trans Modern' perspectives on Training and Research 17. The Future of Training in Therapy and Counselling: 'Trans-modern' Perspectives 18. Research in a New Key: Towards 'new paradigm' methodology: A review essay 19. Empirically Supported/Validated Treatments as Modernist Ideology: Alternative perspectives on research and practice [with Arthur C. Bohart] 20. Research Beyond Modernity? Deconstructing the very idea of 'research': An extended review essay Part V: Making what we want: Towards Practionership in a Post-Therapy Era 21. Intimations Towards a 'Post-Professional' Era: The pioneering genius of Georg Groddeck, 1866-1934 22. From Professionalisation Towards a Post-Therapy Era 23.Transforming Commodified Supervision into Peer Support 24. Towards Post-Professional Practice: Principled non-compliant practitionership in a post-regulation era CONCLUSION: Preparing the ground for cultivating a new post-therapy culture REFERENCES INDEX


ISBN-13: 9781906254322
Publisher: PCCS Books
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 372
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