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Implementing occupation-centred practice
A practical guide for occupational therapy practice learning
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Main description:

This practical text supports occupational therapy students and educators as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of placement learning. Introducing contemporary and innovative occupation-centred practice, it sets out a step-by-step guide to using this knowledge across a range of settings. The clear structure, templates, examples and strategies it presents demonstrate how contemporary theory can be used to inform and guide practice. * The first part of the book contextualises current occupational therapy, introducing a framework for practice, the occupational therapist's key tools and some straight-forward learning theory. * The second part outlines the occupational therapy process in detail, with chapters taking the reader from preparing for a placement through assessment and goal-setting to carrying out interventions and evaluating them. * The final part is comprised of a selection of case studies, which demonstrate how the occupational therapy process can be adapted for different contexts, including in role-emerging placements. This book is an essential resource for occupational therapy students during their placement preparation and throughout their placement.
It also serves as a tool for practice educators who are looking for assistance in structuring learning for their students.


1. Introduction Karina Dancza Part 1: Contextualising Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice 2. Occupation-centred Practice Karina Dancza and Sylvia Rodger 3. Occupational Therapy Theories and Occupational Therapy Process Karina Dancza and Sylvia Rodger 4. Key Tools of the Occupational Therapist: Activity Analysis and Occupational Performance Analysis Karina Dancza, Jeannette Head and Sue Mesa 5. Education Principles for Learning Anita Volkert, Karina Dancza and Monica Moran Part 2: Step-by-step Guide to the Occupational Therapy Process 6. Preparing for Placement Karina Dancza and Jodie Copley 7. Beginning the Placement Karina Dancza and Anita Volkert 8. Prioritising Occupational Needs Karina Dancza and Jodie Copley 9. Documentation Karina Dancza and Jodie Copley 10. Detailed Assessment Sue Mesa, Karina Dancza and Jeannette Head 11. Goal Setting Karina Dancza and Monica Moran 12. Reasoning the Potential Cause(s) of Occupational Performance Issues Jeannette Head and Karina Dancza 13. Planning and Carrying Out Interventions Karina Dancza and Sue Mesa 14. Evaluation Karina Dancza and Monica Moran Part 3: The Occupational Therapy Process in Action: Case Studies 15. Case Studies in Role-emerging Placement Settings Ann Kennedy-Behr, Karina Dancza and Sarah Harvey 16. Case Studies in Role-established Placement Settings Anita Volkert, Sarah Cullen and Karina Dancza 17. Case Studies in Practice Ann Kennedy-Behr, Caroline Hui and Karina Dancza


ISBN-13: 9781138238466
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: February, 2018
Pages: 208
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Occupational Therapy


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