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Hydroboration and Organic Synthesis
9-Borabicyclo [3.3.1] nonane (9-BBN)
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Main description:

9-Borabicyclo [3.3.1]nonane, a commercially available reagent, is the most versatile hydroborating reagent to synthesize organoboranes (B-R-9-BBN). The reagent exhibits remarkable regio-, chemo-, and stereoselectivity during hydroboration reactions. The organoboranes can be converted to C-H, C-O, C-N, C-S, C-halogen, C-metal and above all C-C bonds. In addition, the suitable substituted / unsaturated R of B-R-9-BBN can be utilized to produce dienes, enynes, allenes etc. with defined stereochemistry. 9-BBN’s derivatives have been elegantly used for the asymmetric reduction of ketone moiety. Diels-Alder and Suzuki reactions have expanded the utility of 9-BBN for the synthesis of a variety of organic compounds required for industry. Consequently, this vast field in the form of a book will be helpful to synthetic organic chemists for easy access to literature, required for chemical transformations.


Contents is essential for synthetic chemists' everyday life

No systematic compilation of the vast data is available to synthetic chemist

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Introduction General Remarks Preparations and Properties Kinetic Studies Hydroboration Synthesis of Alcohols Synthesis of Aldehydes and Ketones Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids Synthesis of Esters Synthesis of Nitriles Synthesis of (E) -b ,g - Unsaturated amides Synthesis of Amines Synthesis of Halides Synthesis of Dialkylsulfides Synthesis of Thiophene oligomeres Synthesis of Cyclopropanes and Cyclobutanes Synthesis of Borinanes Synthesis and Transformation of Butterflyboranes Synthesis of a - Bromoboranes Synthesis of Borinates Synthesis and Transformation of Polymers Synthesis of alkali metal 9- boratabicyclo [3.3.1] nonane Synthesis of B – R – 9 – BBN not available via hydroboration Synthesis of unsaturated compounds Reduction AsymmetricReduction Cleavage of Ethers Trans – Metalation Separations of isomers Diels - Alder reaction Suzuki Reaction Miscellaneous


ISBN-13: 9783642080340
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 586
Weight: 908g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Biochemistry


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