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Human Genetics and Genomics
A Problem-Based Approach

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Main description:

Human Genetics and Genomics, Third Edition, is the new rendition of the classic textbook Human Genetics: A Problem-Based Approach. Thoroughly updated and restructured, this brand new edition uses both a classic didactic approach to teach basic genetic concepts and a problem-based approach to demonstrate the clinical applications of genetics in medical practice. By combining both these approaches, Human Genetics and Genomics is suitable both as a textbook for genetics courses, and as a bridge into the clinical environment. The third edition features greater emphasis on cutting edge technologies and the latest genetic issues, and a vast array of new pedagogy, such as: * Clinical snapshots covering major genetic disorders * Ethical Implications boxes discussing related ethical issues * Key summary points at the beginning of each chapter and Q&As at the end of each chapter for self-assessment * Hot topics covering new and emerging areas in genetics * Recommended reading for each chapter * A companion website at


PART ONE: BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN GENETICS. 1 DNA Structure and Function. 2 Genetic Variation. 3 Patterns of Inheritance. 4 The Human Genome. 5 Multifactorial Inheritance. 6 Cell Division and Chromosomes. 7 Population Genetics. 8 Cancer Genetics. PART TWO: GENETICS IN MEDICAL PRACTICE. 9 Chromosome Translocation. 10 Molecular Diagnosis. 11 Newborn Screening. 12 Developmental Genetics. 13 Carrier Screening. 14 Genetic Risk Assessment. 15 Genetic Testing for Risk of Cancer. 16 Pharmacogenetics. 17 Gene Therapy. Answers to Review Questions. Glossary. Index


ISBN-13: 9780632046560
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Blackwell Science Ltd)
Publication date: November, 2006
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 220.00 x 275.00 x 14.00
Weight: 900g
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Subcategories: Genetics


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