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Human and Machine Perception
Information Fusion
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The following are th :" proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Human and Machine Perception held in Trabia, Italy, on July 21~25, 1996, under the auspices of two Institutions: the Cybernetic and Biophysics Group (GNCB) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the 'Centro Interdipartimentale di Tecnologie della Conoscenza' ofPalenno University. A broad spectrum of topics are covered in this series, ranging from computer perception to psychology and physiology of perception (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.). The theme of this workshop was: "Human and Machine Perception: Information Fusion". The goal of information and sensory data fusion is to integrate internal knowledge with complementary and/or redundant information from many sensors to achieve (and maintain) a better knowledge of the environment. The mechanism behind the integration of information is one of the most difficult challenges in understanding human and robot perception.
The workshop consisted of a pilot phase of eight leCtures introducing perception sensorialities in nature and artificial systems, and of five subsequent modules each consisting of two lectures (dealing with solutions in nature and machines respectively) and a panel discussion.


Sensorialities: Information Extraction and Perceptual Grouping in the Auditory System; B.C.J. Moore. Ultrasonic Techniques for Environment Perception; D. Dotti. The Vestibular System; E. Mira. Perception and Integration: Integration and Storage of Sensory Motor Information: Computation in the Cerebellum; E. D'Angelo. Field Computation and Sensory Fusion; V. Sanguineti, et al. Panel Summary-Plasticity and Reconfigurability in Sensory Systems; S. Vallerga, et al. Perception and Decision: Solving by Redundancy and Misunderstanding by Simplification; W. Gerbino. Perception for Decision or Decision for Perception?;B.Y. Zavidovique. Perception and Action: Integrating Reflexes and Voluntary Behaviors: Coordination and Adaptation Controls in Man; G.M. Gauthier, et al. Motion Perception as an Area Process; Y. Hermush, Y. Yeshurun. Perception and Representation: Representation and Integration of Multiple Knowledge Sources: Issues and Questions; C. Castelfranchi. Symbolic, Conceptual and Subconceptual Representations; P. Gardenfors. Percepton and Communication: Picture Icon and Word Icon; J.P. Rossi, G. Querrioux-Coulombier. Panel Summary. Characters, Pixels, and Phonemes; S. Levialdi, et al. 4 Additional Articles. 4 Panel Summaries. Index.


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Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 344
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