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Health Psychology - Pack (AUS Pack)
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Main description:

Richard Straub's Health Psychology shows students how psychology and health are interconnected. Using real world examples, Straub encourages students to make meaningful connections between the science of health psychology and their own everyday experience. The text is comprehensive in its approach, and incorporates the latest research as it examines the field's main ideas and models a scientific way of thinking about those ideas.
Health Psychology provides the most accessible, current and engaging introduction to health psychology today.
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Preface.- Part 1 Foundations of Health Psychology.- Chapter 1 Introducing Health Psychology.- Chapter 2 Research in Health Psychology.- Chapter 3 Biological Foundations of Health and Illness.- Part 2 Stress and Health.- Chapter 4 Stress.- Chapter 5.- Coping with Stress.- Part 3 Behavior and Health.- Chapter 6 Staying Healthy: Primary Prevention and Positive Psychology.- Chapter 7 Exercise, Sleep, and Injury Control.- Chapter 8 Nutrition, Obesity, and Eating Disorders.- Chapter 9 Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction.- Part 4 Chronic and Life-Threatening Illnesses.- Chapter 10 Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes.- Chapter 11 Cancer.- Chapter 12 HIV/AIDS and Other Communicable Diseases .- Part 5 Seeking Treatment.- Chapter 13 The Role of Health Psychology in Seeking and Obtaining Health Care.- Chapter 14 Managing Pain.- Chapter 15 Complementary and Alternative Medicine


ISBN-13: 9781319347529
Publisher: Worth Publishers Inc.,U.S.
Publication date: April, 2020
Pages: 485
Weight: 615g
Availability: Not available (reason unspecified)
Subcategories: Public Health


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