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Health Informatics
Transforming Healthcare with Technology
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In todays healthcare system the most pervasive and transformational tool is information technology its efficient use is an essential skill for all health workers. Health Informatics: Transforming Healthcare with Technology discusses health information systems and contains diverse case studies and stories from policy makers, managers, academics, clinicians and those working in outback clinics. The text concludes by pushing the boundaries into genomics and by outlining the future direction of information technology in the healthcare system. Health Informatics is essential reading for students and healthcare workers across all health disciplines and is a valuable resource for those considering implementing health information systems into their practices or institutions. Technology is one of the most pervasive and ubiquitous tools in healthcare today. It is not only transforming healthcare but also the professions within it. This book provides the background and skills necessary to understand the collection, storage, retrieval, communication and optimal use of health-related data, information and knowledge.
It addresses a wide range of the most essential and current areas of health informatics and is divided into seven sections.


PART 1: THE BASICS OF HEALTH INFORMATICS 1. Introduction to health informatics 2. IT and information management PART 2: THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF HEALTH INFORMATICS 3. Health information interchange 4. Modelling healthcare information 5. Introducing databases 6. Knowledge management PART 3: MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS IN HEALTH INFORMATICS IMPLEMENTATIONS 7. Introduction to the issues in leadership and management 8. Business planning and architectures 9. Project management 10. Risk management 11. Change management 12. Health economics PART 4: HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS 13. Systems development 14. Health information systems 15. Software management 16. Electronic health records 17. Clinical information systems 18. Decision support systems 19. Telehealth and communication 20. Information across the health system PART 5: THE HUMAN ISSUES IN HEALTH INFORMATICS IMPLEMENTATIONS 21. Informatics professional roles and governance 22. Workforce capacity building 23. Human technology interfaces and ergonomics 24. Issues of ethics and law 25. Consumer issues in informatics PART 6: HEALTH INFORMATICS SUPPORTING PRACTITIONERS 26. Health education 27. Research and evidence-based practice 28. Case studies from clinical practice 29. Management decision-making 30. Policy decision-making PART 7: PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES 31. Genomics and biotechnology 32. Gazing into the crystal ball


ISBN-13: 9780170127318
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Australia
Publication date: January, 2006
Pages: 450
Weight: 658g
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