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Fundamentals of Biochemistry
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This text uses a more brief and qualitative approach to present biochemistry with chemical rigor, focusing on the structures of biomolecules, chemical mechanisms, and evolutionary relationships. It is written to impart a sense of intellectual history of biochemistry, an understanding of the tools and approaches used to solve biochemical puzzles, and a hint of the excitement that accompanies new discoveries. This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the most recent advances in biochemistry, particularly in the areas of genomics and structural biology. A new chapter focuses on cytoskeletal and motor proteins, currently one of the most active areas of research in biochemistry.


PART ONE: INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction to the Chemistry of Life ; 2. Water ; PART TWO: BIOMOLECULES ; 3. Nucleotides, Nucleic Acids, and Genetic Information ; 4. Amino Acids ; 5. Proteins: Primary Structure ; 6. Proteins: Three-Dimensional Structure ; 7. Protein Function Part 1: Myoglobin and Hemoglobin ; 8. Protein Function Part 2: Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins ; 9. Carbohydrates ; 10. Lipids and Biological Membranes ; 11. Membrane Transport ; PART THREE: ENZYMES ; 12. Enzymatic Catalysis ; 13. Enzyme Kinetics, Inhibition, and Regulation ; PART FOUR: METABOLISM ; 14. Introduction to Metabolism ; 15. Glucose Metabolism ; 16. Glycogen Metabolism and Gluconeogenesis ; 17. Citric Acid Cycle ; 18. Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation ; 19. Photosynthesis ; 20. Lipid Metabolism ; 21. Amino Acid Metabolism ; 22. Mammalian Fuel Metabolism: Integration and Regulation ; 23. Nucleotide Metabolism ; PART FIVE: REPLICATION AND GENE EXPRESSION ; 24. Nucleic Acid Structure ; 25. DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination ; 26. Transcription and RNA Processing ; 27. Protein Synthesis


ISBN-13: 9780471661306
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (John Wiley and Sons (WIE))
Publication date: September, 2006
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