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Essentials of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
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Radiology and ultrasound are the primary diagnostic imaging techniques available to the veterinarian. The responsibility to provide useful diagnostic images usually falls on the shoulders of the veterinary radiologist/radiographer. The book has twenty four s prepared as per the syllabus framed by Veterinary Council of India (VCI) will assist veterinary students in their understanding the radiology and other diagnostic imaging technology in veterinary discipline and act as an excellent complement to the students both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, interns, veterinarian who are called upon to diagnose an unfamiliar species. Present book is aimed to provide a s: review questions, contains more than two hundred solved objective types questions for various entrance tests viz: Pre- P.G, ICAR-JRF, ICAR-SRF, ARS, Pre-IAS, State PSC, State civil services examination and interviews. At the end, available glossary literature on imaging related terms has been incorporated for the benefit of ready and quick revision.
The subject matter in the book is so graded that undergraduate and post-graduate students, veterinary surgeons working in the field, teachers and as well as research scholar in veterinary surgery and those interested in the welfare of the farmers could benefit from the book.


01. Introduction to Radiology and Historical Perspective 02. Applications of Radiography 03. Principles of Radiographic Positioning 04. General Concepts of Radiation (Basic Physics) 05. Basic Interactions of X-rays with Matter 06. X-ray Tube 07. X-ray Tube Rating Chart 08. The Physics of X-ray Production 09. Diagnostic X-ray Equipments and Accessories 10. X-ray Machine Accessories 11. Set up of an X-ray (Radiology) Section 12. Handling, Viewing and Interpretation of X-ray 13. Radiographic Exposure Factors/Variables 14. Radiographic Detail, Density and Contrast 15. Radiographic Technique Chart 16. X-ray Film and Accessories 17. Film Processing 18. Radiographic Technical Error and Artifacts 19. Significant Radiographic Findings of Important Pathological Conditions 20. Contrast Agents and Special Radiography 21. Radiography of Exotic Animals and Birds 22. Advance Diagnostic Imaging Tools and Techniques 23. Principles of Radiation Therapy 24. Radiation Hazards and Safety 25. Glossary 26. : Review Questions 27. Check Your Answers 28. References/Selected Readings 29. Appendix


ISBN-13: 9789383305148
Publisher: New India Publishing Agency
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 254
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