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Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health
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A text, quick reference, and clinical manual for diet and nutrition in oral health Despite the increasingly important relationships between nutrition and oral health, many dental health professionals may still be hesitant to give nutrition guidance to their patients. Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health is designed to enable readers to answer patient questions and integrate nutrition into clinical practice just as comfortably as they would fluoride and other preventive modalities. Filled with models, guidelines, and practical suggestions, the book can be used as a how-to manual for diet screening and guidance. Readers can also use the book and appendix as a reference on specific nutrition topics, life-cycle groups, or health-related conditions. For educators, an Instructor's Manual with lecture outlines, topics for discussion, and lecture PowerPoints is available to supplement your course.


PART 1: Nutrition in Today's World 1. Understanding Nutrition as the Foundation for General and Oral Health in the 21st Century - Carole A. Palmer 2. What Is an Adequate Diet? - Carole A. Palmer 3. Energy Balance and Weight Control - Linda D. Boyd PART 2: The Nutrients 4. Carbohydrates - Linda D. Boyd 5. Protein for Systemic and Oral Health: Meeting Needs in a Multicultural World - Carole A. Palmer 6. Lipids in Health and Disease - Linda D. Boyd 7. The Minerals and Mineralization - Carole A. Palmer and Linda D. Boyd 8. Fluids and Electrolytes - Carole A. Palmer 9. Vitamins Today - Carole A. Palmer 10. Dietary Supplements - Carole A. Palmer PART 3: Nutrition in Oral Health 11. Nutrition in the Growth and Development of Oral Structures - Linda D. Boyd 12. Diet, Nutrition, and Teeth - Linda D. Boyd 13. Nutrition and the Periodontium - Linda D. Boyd PART 4: Nutrition for Oral Health Promotion through the Life Cycle 14. Nutrition for Pregnancy, Lactation, Infancy, and Toddlers - Carole A. Palmer 15. Nutrition for Children and Adolescents - Carole A. Palmer, Jennifer Hall, Lauren Fialkoff, and Lauren Miller 16. The Adult and Older Dental Patient - Carole A. Palmer 17. Nutritional Concerns for the Dentally Compromised Patient - Linda D. Boyd 18. Oral and Nutritional Concerns for Individuals with Special Medical and Health Care Needs - Linda D. Boyd PART 5: Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice 19. Effective Communication in Dental Practice - Carole A. Palmer, Linda D. Boyd, and Brittany L. Loriquet 20. Principles of Diet Screening, Risk Assessment, and Guidance - Linda D. Boyd Appendices Index


ISBN-13: 9780134296722
Publisher: Pearson (Prentice-Hall)
Publication date: July, 2016
Pages: 448
Weight: 1000g
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Subcategories: Nutrition
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