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Coupling of Land and Water Systems
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This volume is concerned with many kinds of links between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Ecological systems on land interact with water in many ways that have been treated throughout the Ecological Studies series. Volume l's chapters 16 through 18, on Hydrologic Cycles, provide background that leads directly into the description of nutrient-hydrologic interactions in Chap­ ter 1 ofthe present volume. Volume 2 treats further aspects of water in forests, grassland, and crops. Volume 3 summarizes biological and environmental aspects of the whole Indian Ocean as a marine ecosystem that is notably influenced by upwelling of water and nutrients along several of its shorelines. Volumes 4 and 5 provide a closer look at the movement of water in crops and other woody or herbaceous systems and their soils, from viewpoints ranging from that of physics to that of practical agriculture. These volumes, especially Volume 7 on the evolutionary adaptation of ecosystems to mediter­ ranean types of climates, are concerned with the ecosystem's strategies of using water, which nature provides on a very seasonal basis. Volume 8 treats many aspects of seasonality in a variety of ecosystem types, including en­ vironmental signals that turn growth on and off at times that are generally appropriate for organisms' survival and for effective use of landscapes by mankind.


1 Nutrient-Hydrologic Interaction (Eastern United States).- 1.1 An Experimental Approach to New England Landscapes: Gene E. Likens and F. Herbert Bormann.- 1.2 Hydrologic and Chemical Budgets at Oak Ridge, Tennessee: Jerry W. Elwood and Gray S. Henderson.- 1.3 Models Linking Land-Water Interactions Around Lake Wingra, Wisconsin: Orie L. Loucks.- 2 Balances in Man-Made Lakes (Bohemia).- 2.1 Nitrogen and Phosphorus Budgets: Slapy Reservoir: L. Procházková.- 2.2 Iron and Phosphate Budgets: Sedlice Reservoir: Jiri Chalupa.- 3 Bog Mires and Their Influence on Landscapes.- 3.1 Development of Bog Mires: Nils Malmer.- 3.2 Boreal Peatlands in Relation to Environment: M. L. Heinselman.- 4 Effects of Marshes on Water Quality.- 5 Mangrove Forests and Aquatic Productivity.- 6 Food Relations and Behavior of Salmonid Fishes.- 6.1 Use of Terrestrial Invertebrates As Food by Salmonids: Robert L. Hunt.- 6.2 Transport of Nutrients by Salmon Migrating from the Sea Into Lakes: E. M. Krokhin.- 7 Natural and Modified Plant Communities as Related to Runoff and Sediment Yields.- 8 Landscapes of River Basins.- 8.1 Hydrologic Regime of the Paraná River and Its Influence on Ecosystems: Argentino A. Bonetto.- 8.2 Amazon Tributaries and Drainage Basins: Harald Sioli.- 9 Trophic Conditions of Italian Lakes As a Consequence of Human Pressures.- 10 The Supply of Minerals to Tropical Rivers and Lakes (Uganda).- 11 Ecological Interactions Between Land and the Littoral Zones of Lakes (Masurian Lakeland, Poland).- 12 Silica and Nitrate Depletion As Related to Rate of Eutrophication in Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior.


ISBN-13: 9783642860133
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: March, 2012
Pages: 328
Weight: 567g
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