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Community-Based Psychological First Aid
A Practical Guide to Helping Individuals and Communities during Difficult Times
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Main description:

Community-Based Psychological First Aid: A Practical Guide to Helping Individuals and Communities during Difficult Times presents a practical method for helping those in need in difficult times. No advanced training in psychology is needed to use it. Injuries from disasters, terrorist events, and civil unrest are not just physical. These events also cause psychological trauma that can do lasting damage. Psychological First Aid (PFA) draws on human resilience and aims to reduce stress systems and help those affected recover. It is not professional psychotherapy, and those providing this kind of aid do not need a degree to help. Gerard Jacobs has developed this community-based method of delivering PFA over 20 years and has taught it in over 30 countries. Along with the easy-to-follow method, Jacobs includes examples of how this works in action in different situations, and presents scenarios to practice. Unique in its approach of community engagement to train community members to help each other, this guide is an excellent resource for local emergency managers to engage in whole community emergency management.


Chapter 1: What is Community-Based Psychological First Aid, and What It Is NotChapter 2: Providing PFAChapter 3: Traumatic StressChapter 4: The Stress of Disasters Chapter 5: The Stress of Terrorist EventsChapter 6: The Stress of Civil UnrestChapter 7: Individual Differences in Responses to Stress Chapter 8: Active ListeningChapter 9: Problem SolvingChapter 10: Coping With StressChapter 11: Providing Instrumental (Practical) AssistanceChapter 12: Loss and GrievingChapter 13: When and How to ReferChapter 14: Privacy and Ethical ConsiderationsChapter 15: Taking Care of Yourself While You Support OthersChapter 16: Children and Traumatic Stress Chapter 17: Vulnerable Adult Populations and Traumatic StressChapter 18: Closing ThoughtsAppendix: Community-Based Adaptation of PFA


ISBN-13: 9780128042922
Publisher: Elsevier (Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd)
Publication date: June, 2016
Pages: 210
Weight: 450g
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Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy


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