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Clinical Pocket Reference Nursing Care of Children and Young People

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Clinical Pocket Reference Nursing Care of Children and Young People is a single user friendly access point (print or ePub) for a wide range of key information that children's nurses/nurses caring for children may need at any time. It provides essential clinical information in one portable file to enable the nurse rapidly to absorb or refresh knowledge. This resource complements larger texts, multiple websites, and institutional protocols. Prepared by the children's nursing team at two distinguished UK centres, this resource will be of use to children's nurses in training, experienced practitioners, and HCPs in complementary areas. The content has been developed in line with the new NMC Education guidelines which come into effect in 2019. Support for healthcare staff working with children in practice is an ongoing issue. This compact, portable resource will fill this need in acute hospitals and the community. Compiled by lecturers and nurses, this is a resource that every children's nursing student and practitioner should have with them at all times.


* Definitions * How to use this resource 1. Child protection: safeguarding 1.1. Categories of Abuse 1.2. Your role 2. Child development 2.1. Attachment theory 2.2. Child development in age groups 2.3. Psychological development 3. Assessment of the child 3.1. History taking 3.2. Height and weight assessment 3.3. Nutritional assessment 3.4. Physiological assessment 3.5. Fluid requirements 3.6. Communicating your assessment 4. Assessment of the acutely ill/deteriorating child 4.1. Airway: must be patent 4.2. Breathing: must be comfortable and unlaboured 4.3. Circulation 4.4. Assessing disability 4.5. Exposure 4.6. Families 5. Common childhood conditions 5.1. Respiratory 5.2. Cardiac 5.3. Blood 5.4. Neurological 5.5. Renal 5.6. Gastrointestional 5.7. Musculoskeletal 6. Care of children with specific needs 6.1. Neonates 6.2. Care of a child with sepsis 6.3. Care a child with diabetes 6.4. Care of a child with a mental health problem 6.5. Care of a child with a learning disability 6.6. Breaking bad news 6.7. Care of a child who is dying 7. Principles of caring for children 7.1. Legislation 7.2. Preoperative care 7.3. Post-operative care 7.4. Pain 7.5. Pharmacology 7.6. Pressure area care 7.7. Infection control 7.8. First aid 8. Resuscitation guidelines 8.1. Neonatal basic life support 8.2. Child basic life support 8.3. Child advanced life support 8.4. Adult basic life support * Useful Links/Contacts


ISBN-13: 9781908725097
Publisher: Clinical Pocket Reference
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 108
Weight: 610g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Nursing


Department of Children's Nursing, Kingston and St George's Joint Faculty Health, Social Care and Education Kingston Hill, UK


Average Rating 

'This is a welcome addition to nursing children and young people learning resources. It is a pocket sized, wipe clean, mini encyclopaedia of child health. It is well written, by credible experts and logically presented. The contents are applicable to any care setting. It summarises and presents key salient points, it is admirably up to date and the material is always relevant. The seminal theories of child development are not ignored, and pleasingly mental health and complex needs of the terminally ill children are included. The authors have had the courage to address some of the grey areas in children's nursing such as consent and the covert administration of medicines. The guide presents the essentials of assessment and holistic nursing care and provides links for follow up, further study and additional reading. ........there is much to enthuse about and very little to disappoint.' Doreen Crawford; Consultant Editor Nursing Children and Young People; nurse advisor with consultancy Crawford Mackenzie; Nursing Care of Children and Young People Volume 31, Number 1, January 2019