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Clinical Evidence Made Easy
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Main description:

Clinical Evidence Made Easy is a concise and accessible introduction for any healthcare professional looking to understand clinical evidence and data sources.

Clinical Evidence Made Easy scores maximum 100 and 5 stars on Doody's (Sept 2014)! Here's what the reviewer said:

"The authors present the concepts in a unique and simple way that is easy to read and understand."

From other reviews:

"The chapters are succinct. The text is simple and easy to follow........ I really like this text. The title says it all - Clinical Evidence Made Easy" Ulster Medical Journal

"...the book will be useful for anyone who is interested in evidence based practice and who wants to be able to read published research papers and to pose appropriate questions of them." Nursing Times

As clinical evidence becomes increasingly important in healthcare it is vital that healthcare professionals can read, analyse and understand the clinical data being presented. This book will equip the reader with the core skills and knowledge to make sense of the clinical evidence, without over-burdening them with information and jargon.

Building on the success of the other 'Made Easy' books (Medical Statistics Made Easy, Healthcare Economics Made Easy, Practice Accounts Made Easy), this is a book for non-specialists who need knowledge of the key tools and techniques so they can understand the clinical data, but who have no need to become experts in the subject.

Clinical Evidence Made Easy will enable healthcare workers in all fields to understand and implement the results from clinical trials, clinical journals and other data sources with confidence.


Understanding clinical evidence

1. The importance of clinical evidence

2. Asking the right questions

3. Looking for evidence

4. Choosing and reading a paper

5. Recognizing bias

6. Statistics that describe

7. Statistics that predict

8. Randomized controlled trials

9. Cohort studies

10. Case-control studies

11. Research on diagnostic tests

12. Qualitative research

13. Research that summarizes other research

14. Clinical guidelines

15. Health economic evidence

16. Evidence from pharmaceutical companies

17. Applying the evidence in real life

Clinical evidence at work

18. Asking the right questions

19. Choosing the right statistical test

20. Randomized controlled trials

21. Cohort studies

22. Case-control studies

23. Research on diagnostic tests

24. Qualitative research

25. Research that summarizes other research

26. Clinical guidelines

27. Health economic evidence

28. Evidence from pharmaceutical companies

29. Putting it all together...


ISBN-13: 9781907904202
Publisher: Scion Publishing Ltd
Publication date: March, 2014
Pages: 142
Weight: 385g
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Subcategories: Epidemiology


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