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Clinical Bioethics
A Search for the Foundations
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Main description:

A theory of Clinical Bioethics based on the integration of the moral logic of health care practice ("internal morality") and the larger social concerns and processes ("external morality") Clinical Bioethics. A Search for the Foundations compares major theoretical models in the foundation of clinical bioethics and explains medicine as a normative practice. The goals of medicine are discussed with particular reference to the subjectivisation of health and the rationalisation of health care institutions. This volume provides a consistent reconstruction of bioethical judgment both at the level of epistemological statute and institutional context, i.e. clinical ethics committees and clinical ethics consultation.


Preface. Introduction; Corrado Viafora. Part 1. Clinical Bioethics: Comparing Theoretical Models. Clinical Bioethics in a Post Modern Age; David C.Thomasma. The "Telos" of Medicine and the Good of the Patient; Edmund Pellegrino. The Foundation of Medical Ethics in the Democratic Evolution of Modern Society; Diego Gracia. A Communitarian Approach to Clinical Bioethics; Henk Ten Have. A Hermeneutical Approach to Clinical Bioethics; Bruno Cadore. A Deliberative Approach to Clinical Bioethics; Michael Parker. Part 2. Toward Clinical Bioethics Integrating "Internal Morality" and "External Morality". "A Helping and Caring Profession": Medicine as a Normative Practice; Henk Ten Have. Part 2.1. The Goals of Medicine in Relation to the Subjectivisation of Health and Rationalisation of Health Care Institutions. Medicine as a Practice and the Ethics of Illness; Roberto Mordacci. The Right to Choose One's Health; Paolo Zatti. The Tension between Ethics and Evidence-based Medicine; Paolo Vineis. Maintaining Integrity in Times of Scarse Resources; H. Jochemsen, J. Hoogland, J. Polder. Part 2.2. Interpreting Clinical Judgment: Epistemological Notes on the Praxis of Medicine; Roberto Dell'Oro. For an Ethical Function in Hospitals; Pierre Boitte. The Ethical Function in the Health Care Institutions: Clinical Ethics Committees; Corrado Viafora. General Bibliography.


ISBN-13: 9789048169054
Publisher: Springer
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 226
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