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Cell Press Reviews
Core Concepts in Cell Biology
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Main description:

Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology offers a comprehensive overview of recent research advances surrounding core cell biological questions. This publication provides an excellent snapshot of some of the hottest topics in cell biology with insights and discussion from research leaders. Contributors to this compilation include many prominent researchers in the field, such as: Tom Misteli, National Cancer Institute; Galit Lahav, Harvard Medical School; Scott D. Emr, Cornell University; David G. Drubin, University of California, Berkeley; Tom Rapoport, Harvard Medical School; and Anthony A. Hyman, Max Planck Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Dresden. With topics ranging from chromosomes to the cytoskeleton, organelle function, and cell morphogenesis, Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology provides an opportunity for both experts and those new to the field to gain an understanding of the most recent advances-and remaining questions-in the cellular world. This publication is part of the Cell Press Reviews series, which brings together topical review articles recently published in Cell Press journals, including the Trends in. series.
These compilations are curated by Cell Press journal editors and offer comprehensive updates from leaders in the field on the most cutting-edge and important scientific questions. It provides timely, comprehensive coverage across a broad range of cell biological topics. It offers foundational knowledge and expert insights to students and others new to the field. It features reviews from leaders in cell biology research and discussion of future directions for the field. It includes articles originally published in Cell, Current Biology, Developmental Cell, and Trends in Cell Biology.


ISBN-13: 9780124201934
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Cell)
Publication date: December, 2013
Pages: 486
Weight: 571g
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