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Case Studies on Corporations and Global Health Governance
Impacts, Influence and Accountability
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There is growing evidence of the wide-ranging impacts of corporations in selected industries on global patterns of health and disease. However, limited analysis has been undertaken of the increasing corporate involvement in collective action needed to effectively address these impacts. This book brings together a wide ranging collection of case studies that provide new empirical research on how corporations impact on, influence of, and could be held more accountable to, global health governance. Written by leading and emerging scholars from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, each case study seeks to expand the methods, conceptual approaches and sources of data used to address three key questions: *What impacts are corporations having on global health governance? *How do corporations shape and influence global health governance in ways that protect and promote their own interests? *What forms of global health governance are needed to mediate these corporate impacts in ways that protect and promote population health?
Also, for a practical guide on how to conduct research on the impact of corporations on global health and global health governance, see the partner volume:


Preface / List of Acronyms / List of Illustrations / 1. Introduction, Nora J. Kenworthy, Ross MacKenzie and Kelley Lee / Part I: Impacts of Corporations on Global Health 2. Governing through Production: A Public-Private Partnership's Impacts and Dissolution in Lesotho's Garment Industry, Nora J. Kenworthy / 3. Medicalisation and Commodification of Smoking Cessation: The Role of Industry Actors in Shaping Health Policy, Ross MacKenzie and Benjamin Hawkins / 4. The Influence of Food Industry on Public Health Governance: Insights from Mexico and the United States, Courtney Scott, Angela Carriedo and Cecile Knai / 5. Examples of Failures to Regulate Mining and Smelting Emissions and their Consequent Effects on Human Health Outcomes, Mark Patrick Taylor and Steven George / Part II: Corporate Influence of Global Health Governance / 6. Informal Channels of Corporate Influence on Global Health Policymaking: A Mapping of Strategies Across Four Industries, Eliza Suzuki and Suerie Moon / 7. How Corporations Shape our Understanding of Problems with Gambling and their Solutions, Rebecca Cassidy / 8. Corporate Manipulation of Global Health Policy: A Case Study of Asbestos, John Calvert / 9. The Entrenchment of the Public-Private Partnership Paradigm in Global Health Governance, Michael Stevenson / 10. Trade and Investment Agreements: The Empowerment of Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Corporations, Ashley Schram and Ronald Labonte / 11. Health Policy, Corporate Influence and Multi-Level Governance: The Case of Alcohol Policy in the European Union, Chris Holden and Benjamin Hawkins / 12. Tobacco Industry Strategies to Influence Global Tobacco Governance in Three Asian Countries, Ross MacKenzie and Kelley Lee / Part III: Holding Corporations to Account / 13. A Proposed Approach to Systematically Identify and Monitor the Corporate Political Activity of the Food Industry with Respect to Public Health Using Publicly Available Information, Melissa Mialon, Boyd Swinburn and Gary Sacks / 14. Regulating Baby Food Marketing: Civil Society Vs Private Sector Influence, Tracey Wagner-Rizvi / 15. Communities, Controversy and Chevron: Epidemiology in the Struggle over Contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Ben Brisbois / 16. Citizens United, Public Health and Democracy: The Supreme Court Ruling, its Implications and Proposed Action, William H. Wiist / 17. Conclusion, Nora J. Kenworthy, Ross MacKenzie and Kelley Lee / Index / Notes on Contributors


ISBN-13: 9781783483563
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield International
Publication date: July, 2016
Pages: 224
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Subcategories: General Practice, Public Health


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