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There are dozens of cures for cancer. When Jonathan's wife, Bernadette, was diagnosed with cancer, Jonathan realised he knew nothing about the disease. "What I needed was a sane, personal, intelligent and critical voice that could lead me through these contending beliefs; that could put both sides of the case and point up the limitations of any arguments there might be. But I never found this voice. So, I have taken it upon myself to provide this voice for others. This then is the book I wish I had had at hand when Bern was diagnosed with cancer." "Chamberlain has a voice that is at once humble and powerful. I like writers that cut to the chase, and then do not skimp on the practical details...and I really like his attitude. He speaks from the heart, but clearly wants you to use your head. Good combination." - Andrew Saul, PhD, Doctor Yourself Website "Thank you for the organization of a fragmented body of information. This book is now the reference book on alternative treatments." - Jim Cole "I now can recommend your book. as 'the' book to read.
You have covered just about everything that I have read, and it took me over twenty books and innumerable downloads to do it.The book is more precious than gold!" - Richard Thompson, cancer patient "This book tells me everything I want to know. Why didn't my doctor tell me this?" - Rev. Bill Newbern


ISBN-13: 9780954596019
Publisher: Long Island Press Ltd
Publication date: May, 2008
Pages: 384
Dimensions: 190.00 x 235.00 x 20.00
Weight: 660g
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Subcategories: Complementary Medicine


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