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Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine: Injuries: Vol.1
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Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine is the world-leading title in sports and exercise medicine, providing an authoritative foundation for clinicians and students. This complete practical guide to physiotherapy and musculoskeletal medicine covers all aspects of diagnosis and contemporary management of sports-related injuries. This fifth edition has been expanded to accommodate a much higher level of evidence-based content. It reflects the huge amount of new research and significant changes in thinking since the fourth edition was published. For this volume, Injuries, all chapters have been comprehensively updated by sports physiotherapists and sports physicians at the top of their fields from around the world. There are more than 300 new figures and tables, as well as six new chapters including * Training programming and prescription * Return to play * Pain: the clinical aspects An ebook with linked masterclass videos is also available. For details go to Peter Brukner OAM, MBBS, FACSP, FACSM, FFSEM Peter Brukner is a Sport and Exercise Physician and currently the Australian cricket team doctor.
He was previously Head of Sports Medicine and Sports Science at the Liverpool Football Club in the UK. Peter is the founding partner of the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, a past president of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians, and Professor of Sports Medicine at La Trobe University. Peter has been an Olympic team physician and was the Socceroos team doctor at the 2010 World Cup. In 2005 Peter was awarded the Order of Australia medal (OAM) for services to sports medicine. Karim Khan MD, PhD, MBA, FACSP, FACSM, FFSEM Karim Khan is a Sport and Exercise Physician and Professor of Sports Medicine at the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He is Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) and has published more than 280 peer-reviewed research articles. In 2001, he was awarded the Australian Prime Minister's Medal for service to sports medicine. He was profiled in The Lancet in its special 2012 Olympic edition.


PART A FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES 1 Sports and exercise medicine: the team approach 2 Integrating evidence into shared decision making with patients 3 Sports injuries: acute 4 Sports injuries: overuse 5 Pain: why and how does it hurt? 6 Pain: the clinical aspects 7 Beware: conditions that masquerade as sports injuries 8 Introduction to clinical biomechanics 9 Biomechanical aspects of injury in specific sports 10 Training programming and prescription 11 Core stability 12 Preventing injury 13 Recovery: the science and the art 14 Clinical assessment: moving from rote to rational and rigorous 15 How to make the diagnosis: tips for better history taking, physical examination and investigation 16 Patient-reported outcome measures in sports medicine 17 Treatments for musculoskeletal conditions 18 Principles of sports injury rehabilitation 19 Return to play PART B REGIONAL PROBLEMS 20 Sports concussion 21 Headache 22 Face, eye and teeth 23 Neck pain 24 Shoulder pain 25 Elbow and arm pain 26 Wrist pain 27 Hand and finger injuries 28 Thoracic and chest pain 29 Low back pain 30 Buttock pain 31 Hip-related pain 32 Groin pain 33 Anterior thigh pain 34 Posterior thigh pain 35 Acute ankle injuries 36 Anterior knee pain 37 Lateral, medial and posterior knee pain 38 Leg pain 39 Calf pain 40 Pain in the Achilles region 41 Acute ankle injuries 42 Ankle pain PART C SPECIAL GROUPS OF PARTICIPANTS 44 The younger athlete45 Military personnel 46 Periodic medical assessment of athletes 47 Working and travelling with teams 48 Career development


ISBN-13: 9781743761380
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Australia)
Publication date: December, 2016
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Subcategories: General Practice, Sports Medicine


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