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Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering
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by G. Lee

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Main description:

The proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering (ICBEEE 2013), held in Singapore, Singapore. ICBEEE 2013 is the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of advances in Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The range of papers included in this book reflects this fact. Written by academic and industry professionals these papers discuss recent progress, ideas and solutions in Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Topics covered relate to: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Biomedical Engineering; Environmental Science and Technology.


ICBEEE 2013 CONTENT Chapter 1: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology An unified Definition of Reflection and Programming Simulates of Biological Reflex; Research on Pension Service Demands from Different Groups of the Elderly in Beijing; Impact of Light-Induced Changes in Anthocyanin Coloration Intensity on DUS Test; Learning Tool for Medicine Students Based on Biomedical Named Entity Recognition and Linked Open Data; Research about the Influence of Colleges and Universities in National Traditional Sports Development Action Innovation Under the Condition of Modern Society; Research on the Impact of Greenway for Recreational Health would Improve the urban and Rural Environment----As a Case Study of Chengdu; The Characteristic Analysis of Flow Field close to the Vascular Wall from Medium-sized Aneurysm; The Iconicity between Language Forms and Social Factors; Research on the Optimization Method of Chinese Acupuncture Points Selection Based on Genetic Algorithm; The Political Value of Martial Arts Etiquette; Application Research of Confidence Machine in the Medical Diagnosis Chapter 2: Biomedical Engineering A Practical Method of Giemsa Staining for Cells Cultured in 24-Well Cell Culture Plate; In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of Salidroside as an Anti-aging Agent; Exploring Opium Drug'S Physiological Effect over Human Bodies; Needle used for Epidural Space Detection in Regional Anesthesia Guided by Specific Ultrasound Probe and Fiber Optical Technique; Non-contact Cardiopulmonary Sensing using 24GHz Compact Quadrature Doppler Radar; Spectroscopic Study of the Binding Action between Naringenin and HAS; The Development of a Real-time Patient Reporting System of Drug Reactions for Improving Patient-Controlled Analgesia Medical Service Quality; Biotelemetric Wireless Network with Advanced Architecture; Proposing the Method for Measuring the Battery State of Charge; Hemodynamic Diagnostics Shunt for Hemodialysis; Study on Simulation of Multi-module Space Station Intra-Vehicular Navigation: A Survey; Model on the Phenomenon of Spreading Depression in Cerebral Cortex of Rats using Soft Computing; Comparison of Classification Techniques for Actual Fetal State Determination; Icariin Suppresses Osteoprotegerin-deficient-induced Bone Loss through the Activation of Wnt/β-catenin Signaling; Static Finite Element Analysis of Flared Cuff for Branched Endovascular Graft Application; The K-NN Neural Network Classifier Based on Surface Electromyogram Signal; Effect of Excretion of Vitamin C in Sweat on Blood Pressure Among Heat-exposed Steelworkers; Effect of Compatibility of Lieque(LU1) and Zhaohai(KI6) on Insomnia Caused by Depression:A Randomized Controlled Trial; A Research on Ancient Acupoints Selection in Treating Limbs Tremor Chapter 3: Environmental Science and Technology Lung Cancer Risk Assessment of Cooking Oil Fume for Chinese Nonsmoking Women; Effect of Diesel Leakage on Preponderant Bacteria Diversity in the Biofilm; A Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of Sulphate Removal from AMD Using Fly ash; Immobilisation of Co, Fe and Mn from Acid Mine Drainage Using Activated Bentonite; Evolution of Extracellular Polymeric Substances Produced in 2 Submerged Membrane Bioreactors Working at High Sludge Age; On the Legal Research of the Rural Collective Land Expropriation Compensation for Ecological Conservation Fee; Influence of Sludge Retention Time on Filtration Performance and Biomass Characteristics in a Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactor; A Tentative Study of Technological Road to the Green-Ecological District Planning - - Taking Xi'an Chanba Eco-park as Example; High-efficiency Removal of Nitrate from low C/N Ratio Wastewater by Sulfur-based Autotrophic Denitrification and Mixotrophic Denitrification; Ecologic Restoration Design for Urban River Landscape Degradation: A Case of Yurunkax River, Hotan, Xinjiang, China; Different Approaches in LCA: Contributions to the Methodological Development; Experimental Study of Electrochemical Polarization and Gas Evolution; Plant Growth-promoting Rhizobacteria Improve Shoot Morphology and Photosynthesis in DrylandSpring Wheat; Toxic Effects in A549 Cells Induced by Auto-mobile Exhaust Particulates with Different Sizes; LEED and HQE Certifications Assessment in Sustainable Construction; Consistency Analysis Method of Meteorological Data Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System; Effects of Different Fertilization Patterns on Maize Yield and Nitrogen Leaching in Northern China Plain; Effects of Dynamic Environments on Winter wheat Canopy Spectra; A Critical Assessment on Environmental Investments for a Developing Country; The Tracing Backing System for Sterilization and Supply Center Based on Bar Code and Wireless Mobile Technologies; An Innovative Process for Simultaneous Carbon and Sulfur Removal Treating High Strength Sulfate Laden Organic Wastewater; A Human and Organizational Factors analysis Approach in the Analysis Phase of Safety Instrument Systems; Adsorption Ammonia from Polluted Water on Fe Modified Activated Carbon(AC-Fe); The Analysis and Control of Microbes in Chinese Space Station; Environmental Impacts of Road Transport Development in China: Empirical Analyses Based on Provincial Panel Data; Effects of Land Utilization of Sludge Compost on wheat and the Risk of Heavy Metals; Testing for the Development of the Construction Sector with Economic Development; Low Cost Robotic Sensor Networks Platform for Air Quality Monitoring; Modeling of Drainage Water Composition of Centralnaya Concentrating Mill Tailing Dump of Komsomolsky District and Assessment of Their Impact on the Hydrosphere (Far East); Physicochemical Modeling of Slime and Drainage Waters of Vysokogorskoye Tailing Dump and Their Impact on the Hydrosphere (Far East of Russia); Study about Effects of Universities Play Role in the Development of National Traditional Sports Culture--Take Dragon Boat Project as an Example; Study on the Inheritance of the Ethnic Sports Culture of Dragon Boat Sport in Colleges and Universities; The Influence of Groundnut Stem Meal and Corn Stalk Powder on the Intestinal Development of Meat Goose; Monitor of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Hydro-thermal Circulation with Heat Pulse; RhB Degradation by using PW11O39Fe(III)(H2O)4-/D301R Visible Photo- catalyst; Presupposition in Advertisements; Wild Water Lentils Plant (Duckweed, Lemna sp.) in Nutrients Removal of Jordan's Irrigation Ponds; Distribution Characteristics of Chromiumion in Beidagang Reservoir; Urban Garbage Classification and Collection: Current Conditions and Logic behind it from Actor-network's Perspective - - With City N as Example; Engineering Inference Mechanisms Reasoning System in Design for Dental Implant; A Genetic Algorithm Based Method to Support the Geometric Prosthesis Modelling in Skull Repairing; Research on Natural Environmental Influencing Factors and Development Countermeasures of the Sports Facility; A Study on the Development Predicament of Public Sport Service and the Countermeasures in the Chang-Ji-Tu Development and Opening-up Pilot Area; The Research on the Practical way of Ecological Culture Construction; The Construction of Public Participation in Ecological Culture Mode; Research on Pipe Model Theory Based on the Characteristic Parameters of the Hydraulic Architecture of Pseudoacacia; Study on the Excretion of Vitamin B1, B2, C and the Levels in vivo among Heat-exposed Workers; A Feminist Interpretation of Western Traditional Fairy Tales; Comparative Study on the Different Extractions of Chalcone from the Angelica Keiskei; Preparation and Properties of Activated Carbon from Peanut Shell by K2CO3; Highly Sensitive Detection of Venlafaxine by Ru(bpy)32+ Electrochemiluminescence; Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous γ-MnO2 Nanospheres; Research on Sports on the Ecological Environmental Impact and the Countermeasures for the Sustainable Development; Research on the Role of the Environmental Protection Held in Large Sports Events; Influence of the North Slope of Changbai Mountain Ski Resort on the Surrounding Environment; Environmental Protection and the Sustainable Development of Sports Industry; The Research on the Harmonious Relationship between Outdoor Recreational Sports and Natural Environments; Soil Infiltration Process and Control Factors in Loess Hilly Regions; Content Changes of Endogenous Hormones in Taxus cuspidate during the Flower Development; Start-up Experiment of Mesophilic Two-phase Anaerobic Digestion of Pretreated Surplus Sludge; Early Warning of Activated Sludge Poisoned by Heavy Metals with Dissolved Oxygen Mutation Index; A Genetic Algorithm for Solving a Class of Multi-objective Bilevel Programming Problems; Evolution of GIS Software Development Technology


ISBN-13: 9781845648657
Publisher: WIT Press
Publication date: April, 2014
Pages: 1200
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