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Core Concepts in Motion
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Main description:

Introductory Biomechanics offers a clear, concise and thorough introduction to the basic principles of functional anatomy and human movement to students with no background in the subject. Using familiar and useful questions to help engage students with new material, the book offers the most accessible introduction to this core tenet of kinesiology currently available.

Split into two broad sections-functional anatomy and biomechanical principles-the book includes chapters on:

understanding force;

bone, joint, muscle and nerve function;

kinematic concepts;

kinetic concepts;

measurement and analysis of motion;

and projectiles.

Featuring pedagogical features, such as learning objectives, review questions, further reading suggestions and worked examples, and a companion website which includes animations of the movements described in the book, Introductory Biomechanics is a complete and relatable resource for gaining a grounding in the fundamental principles of the discipline. This is an essential text for students taking introductory biomechanics classes as part of an undergraduate degree programme in Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Science, Sports Coaching, Athletic Training and Sports Therapy.


Part 1: Fundamental Concepts in Biomechanics

1. Introduction to Biomechanics

2. Free Body Diagram

3. Core Concepts of Kinesiology

4. Understanding Force

Part 2: BIOmechanics: The Mover and Mechanisms of Movement

5. The Mover's Bones

6. The Mover's Joints

7. The Mover's Muscles

8. The Mover's Nerves and Nervous System

9. Analysis of the Mover in Motion

10. Integration and Application for the Mover

11. Evaluation and Modification for the Mover

Part 3: bioMECHANICS: Kinematics of Movement

12. Kinematic Concepts

13. Measurement and Analysis of Kinematic Core Concepts

14. Projectiles

15. Integration and Application of Kinematic Core Concepts

16. Evaluation and Modification of Kinematic Core Concepts

Part 4: bioMECHANICS: Kinetics of Movements

17. Kinetic Concepts

18. Measurement and Analysis of Kinetic Core Concepts

19. Integration and Application of Kinetic Core Concepts

20. Evaluation and Modification of Kinetic Concepts


ISBN-13: 9781138039315
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2050
Pages: 300
Weight: 611g
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Subcategories: Biomechanics


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