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Beta-Lactamases in Gram-negative Bacteria - Test Yourself
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Main description:

The objective of this short book is to challenge readers, including specialist registrars in medical microbiology and infectious diseases and healthcare scientists, to infer the likeliest mechanism(s) of lactam resistance in Gram-negative bacteria by logical analysis of phenotypic microbiological results, and to consider further relevant laboratory investigations. The questions, which are selected from the author's own experience and include several that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, cover a range -lactam resistance mechanisms encountered currently in clinical microbiological practice. The background information and commentaries on the laboratory investigations performed will hopefully provide a useful adjunct to lecture notes, literature reviews and textbooks. The laboratory analysis carried out in some cases is beyond that routinely performed in diagnostic practice, but contributes to fuller understanding of the cases presented.
This Q and A-style book is intended to encourage a systematic and logical approach to understanding and identifying the rapidly evolving mechanisms of lactam resistance in Gram-negative bacteria commonly isolated in diagnostic laboratories. I ask readers to reflect on each question and to write down the best answer before reading the explanatory section. I hope that this effort will help you to understand a topic that has critical importance for antimicrobial therapeutics and infection control. All royalties from the sale of this book go to the Irish Hospice Foundation


ISBN-13: 9781908024190
Publisher: Original Writing Ltd
Publication date: February, 2011
Pages: 136
Dimensions: 154.00 x 256.00 x 10.00
Weight: 250g
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Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders


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