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Becoming Female
Perspectives on Development
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Every woman ought to be filled with shame at the thought that she is woman. -Clement of Alexandria, c. 150-215 The five worst infirmities that afflict the female are indocility, discontent, slan­ der, jealousy, and silliness .... Such is the stupidity of woman's character, that it is incumbent upon her in every particular, to distrust herself and to obey her husband. -Confucian Marriage Manual Nature intended women to be our slaves. They are our property; we are not theirs. They belong to us, just as a tree that bears fruit belongs to a gardener. What a mad idea to demand equality for women.. . Women are nothing but machines for producing children. -Napoleon Bonaparte The fact of the matter is that the prime responsibility of a woman probably is to be on earth long enough to find the best mate possible for herself, and con­ ceive children who will improve the species. -Norman Mailer Read these quotes and wonder!! Wonder at the strength, tenacity, and grace of females who have endured outrageous slings and arrows without becoming violent, uncaring, or incapacitated. Sturdy stuff is contained in our double X, preserved and nurtured for other, less dis­ torted times. The Women in Context series is a reflection of the dawn­ ing light slowly illuminating woman as unique in some ways, but nei­ ther less than nor more than man. Surely, our imperfect world can well use all the talents and capabilities that men and women possess.


Section 1 · Identity and the Immediate Environment.- 1 · The Development of Female Identity.- 2 · Growing Up Black and Female.- 3 · Growing Up with a Physical Handicap.- 4 · The Father-Daughter Relationship: Past, Present, and Future.- 5 · Mothers and Daughters.- Section 2 · Characteristics.- 6 · Sex-Related Differences in Spatial Ability: A Developmental Psychological View.- 7 · The Role of Laughter and Humor in Growing Up Female.- 8 · The Changing Nature of Female Delinquency.- 9 · The Play of Girls.- 10 · Effects of Observed Violence on Females: A Critical Review.- Section 3 · The Larger Environment.- 11 · Where Are the Women Geniuses? Up the Down Escalator.- 12 · Some Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Becoming Female.- 13 · “On the Road to Find Out”: The Role Music Plays in Adolescent Development.- 14 · Portrait of a Female on Television: Some Possible Effects on Children.- 15 · Dressing Up.- Section 4 · Biological Considerations.- 16 · The Genetics of Sex and Its Consequences.- 17 · Physical Growth of Adolescent Girls: Patterns and Sequence.- 18 · Nutrition and Women: Facts and Faddism.


ISBN-13: 9781468435627
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 469
Weight: 747g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Psychology
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