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Animal Feed Additives
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Feed additives are non-nutritive substances, preparations and micro-organisms that are added to feed to animal feeds to improve growth performance, feed intake and the efficiency of feed utilization for healthy, economic and eco-friendly livestock production. This book on Advances in Animal Feed Additives addresses current information on the use of different animal feed additives with regard to production, health and reproduction of livestock and poultry. This book contains twenty five s contributed by 30 eminent scientists of animal nutrition, which highlights the significance of antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, antimicrobials, organic acids, coccidiostats, mycotoxin binders, immunomodulator, hen egg antibody, hormones, beta agonist, methane inhibitors, defaunating agents, essential oil and herbal feed additives. etc. for sustainable livestock and poultry production. Each of the book attempts at providing clear and updated information on feed additives supported with good amount of the experimental evidence and references which will enable the students and research workers to obtain information quickly when necessary.
The book is useful to students of animal sciences, teachers and scientists of animal nutrition discipline, personnel of feed industry, field veterinarians, animal husbandry extension workers and progressive animal farmers.


1. An Overview of Feed Additives by Pankaj Kumar Singh 2. Role of Enzymes as Feed Additives in Poultry Production by B. K. Swain 3. Scope of the use of Antioxidants in Poultry Production by A. K. Panda 4. Role of Probiotics in Poultry Production by Pankaj Kumar Singh and Chandramoni 5. Application of Prebiotics in Poultry Production by Pankaj Kumar Singh, Kaushalendra Kumar, Chandramoni and Sanjay Kumar 6. Significance of Synbiotic in Animal Production by Kamdev Sethy 7. Use of Dietary Organic Acids in Poultry Production by Pankaj Kumar Singh, Sanjay Kumar , Chandramoni and Kaushalendra Kumar 8. Significance of Antibiotic Growth Promoters in Animal Feeds by Pankaj Kumar Singh, Kaushal Kumar, Pankaj Kumar and Avinash Kumar 9. Uses of Ionophore Antibiotics in Livestock as Feed Additive by S. Shekhar, S.K. Shukla and S.B. Shudhakar 10. Immunomodulators as Feed Additives by Indranil Samanta 11. Hen Egg Antibody as a Food Additive for Oral Immunotherapy by Rajni Kumari, Sanjay Kumar, Shanker Dayal, S.V. Lal, Kaushalendra Kumar and A.K Srivastava 12. Use of Coccidiostats for Sustainable Poultry Production by Rinesh Kumar and Suman Kumar 13. Bioactive Phytochemicals as Modifiers of Rumen Fermentation by Amlan K. Patra 14. Methane Inhibitors: Trends in Manipulation of Rumen Fermentation by Kaushalendra Kumar, Sanjay Kumar and Rajni Kumari 15. Probiotics for Ruminants by Ravindra Kumar 16. Scope of Propionic Acid Producing Bacteria as Feed Additive in Ruminants by Haidar Ali Ahmed, S. K. Sirohi and A. M. Ganai 17. Impact of Defaunating Agents on Ruminant Production by Kaushalendra Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Singh and Kamdev Sethy 18. Utilization of Exogenous Enzymes in Ruminant Feeding by Ravindra Kumar and Shalini Vaswani 19. Metabolic Modifiers for Quality Meat Productionby Avijit Dey 20. Hormones as Feed Additive for Livestock by Papori Talukdar and Goutam Mondal 21. Implications on the use of Beta Agonists in Animal Feeding by Nirbhay Kumar and Rashmi Ranjan 22. Recent Advances in Feed Additives for Sustainable Fish Production by Ashutosh Mishra 23. Essential Oils as Feed Additives for Livestock and Poultry by Sanjay Kumar, Rajni Kumari, Kaushalendra Kumar and A.K Srivastava 24. Phytogenic Feed Additives by Pankaj Kumar Singh, A.K. Srivastava, Sanjay Kumar and Rajni Kumari 25. Mycotoxin Binders as Feed Additive for Livestock and Poultryby M. T. Banday and Pankaj Kumar Singh


ISBN-13: 9789385516092
Publisher: New India Publishing Agency
Publication date: January, 2015
Pages: 476
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Veterinary Medicine


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