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Arterial and venous diseases are major causes of morbidity and mortality in most of the world, especially in the western hemisphere. Not only of interest to angiologists, these illnesses are also of concern to most physicians in various fields ranging from cardiology, general medicine and cardiovascular surgery to physiology, pathology and clinical pharmacology. Specialists in diabetes, hypertension and epidemiology find these illnesses as challenging in their own fields of interest due to the gross interrelation of these diseases with their specialities.
This book of 35 chapters contains an up-to-date discussion of various arterial and venous illnesses presenting major clinical applications ranging from basic pathology, haemodynamics and haemorheology to clinical features and management. Special attention has also been paid to epidemiology and prevention, discussing all the issues concerned. A special section on vascular emergency has also been included, thereby extending its usefulness to physicians and surgeons working in accident and emergency units.


Foreword; A. Nicolaides. Part One: General Pathophysiological Considerations. 1. Blood Flow Dynamics and Mechanics of Circulation; S. Sherriff. 2. Pathology of Atherosclerosis; S. Trotter, M. Ali. 3. Thrombosis and Thromboembolism; M. Schachter. 4. Haemorheology and Haemorheological Mechanisms; M. Rampling. 5. The Role of Vascular Endothelium in the Modulation of Coronary Vasomotor Tone; J.C. Kaski. Part Two: Diseases of the Cerebrovascular System. 6. Cerebrovascular Flow Dynamics and Pathophysiology; S. Sherriff. 7. Stroke Epidemiology and Risk Factors; M.I. Aldoori, et al. 8. The Investigation of Extracranial Carotid Disease; P.A. Gaines, et al. 9. Management of Extracranial Carotid Disease; J.D. Beard, et al. Part Three: Diseases of the Coronary Arteries. 10. Hemodynamics of Coronary Flow in Normal and Abnormal States; M. Mariani, A. Balbarini. 11. The Pathology and Pathophysiology of Coronary Artery Disease; I. Cox, R. Crook. 12. Epidemiology and Risk Factors; T.J. Bowker, et al. 13. Symptomatology and Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Diseases; P. Clifford, P. Nihoyannopoulos. 14. Angina Pectoris in Patients with Normal Coronary Arteriograms: Syndrome X; J.C. Kaski. 15. Management of Coronary Artery Disease; J.G.F. Cleland. Part Four: Diseases of the Aorta and Arteries of the Upper Limb. 16. Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection of the Aorta; J. Collin. 17. Diseases of the Arteries of the Upper Limb; M. Cospite, et al. 18. Raynaud's Syndrome; S.A. Wagstaff, M.J. Grigg. Part Five: Diseases of the Arteries of the Lower Limb. 19. Flow Dynamics and Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Diseases of Lower Limb Arteries; G.M. Andreozzi. 20. Epidemiology and Risk Factors; G.C. Leng, F.G.R. Fowkes. 21. Clinical Assessment of Diseases of Lower Limb Arteries; K.A. Myers, W. Chong. 22. Management of Peripheral Obstructive Arterial Disease of the Lower Limbs; S. Novo. Part Six: Diseases of the Renal, Coeliac and Mesenteric Arteries. 23. Pathophysiology and Clinical Manifestations; P. Fiorani, et al. 24. Management of Diseases of the Renal, Coeliac and Mesenteric Arteries; P. Fiorani, et al. Part Seven: Hypertension. 25. Classification, Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Clinical Manifestations of Hypertension; L. Corea, M. Bentivoglio. 26. Diagnosis, Complications and Management of Hypertension; G. Licata, et al. Part Eight: Diseases of the Venous System. 27. Varicose Veins and Varicose Ulcers; C. Allegra, et al. 28. Deep Vein Thrombosis; S. Coccheri. Part Nine: Associated General Illnesses and Related Conditions. 29. Cardiovascular Manifestations and Complications of Diabetes Mellitus; J. Allawi. 30. Autonomic Dysfunction and Hypotension; G. Nuzzaci, I. Nuzzaci. 31. Haemostatic Defects and Venous Thromboembolism; C. Ozanne, H. Cohen. 32. Pulmonary Embolism and Venous Thromboembolism; D. Bell. 33. Vascular Rest


ISBN-13: 9789401062749
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 530
Weight: 864g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Cardiovascular Medicine
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