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Addiction and Recovery in the UK
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Main description:

Addiction and Recovery in the UK captures the essence of the emerging addictions recovery movement and in particular the emerging evidence base that had been gathered around the umbrella of the Recovery Academy UK. The Recovery Academy was established with the aim of creating a forum for people in recovery, practitioners, commissioners and academics working together to describe and understand the principles of recovery as applied across the UK. Following the first annual conference, researchers who had been involved in academic research on recovery and innovative services and activities that had been evaluated were invited to outline UK initiatives. This book, the result of their contributions, is a vibrant collection of diverse theories and models, critiques and innovations, ranging from two linked papers describing the growing recovery movement in Edinburgh to a recovery walking group in Wales and a model for peer activities in the North of England. The projects are typically 'community up' projects whose essence has been captured within this book, and which together paint a picture of vitality and growth in the UK recovery movement.
This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery.


Foreword: The Emerging UK Recovery Movement William L. White 1. Carrying the Message of Recovery across Political Boundaries Jeffrey D. Roth Part I: Recovery and Public Policy 2. Recovery and Public Policy: Driving the Strategy by Raising Political Awareness David Best and Grace Ball 3. The Evolution of a UK Evidence Base for Substance Misuse Recovery Teodora Groshkova and David Best 4. A Discussion of the Origins of The Road to Recovery - the Scottish Government's Recovery Policy for Drugs Ria Din 5. North West Recovery Forum: Recovery and Harm Reduction, the Odd Couple of Drug Treatment? Mark Gilman and Rowdy Yates 6. LEAP and the Recovery Community in Edinburgh David McCartney Part II: Developing Systems of Mutual Support 7. Recovery Group Participation Scale (RGPS): Factor Structure in Alcohol and Heroin Recovery Populations Teodora Groshkova, David Best and William White 8. Community Rehabilitation in the United Kingdom - What Place Does It Have? Marion Logan 9. Therapeutic Communities: Can-Do Attitudes for Must-Have Recovery Rowdy Yates 10. The Challenge of Developing and Sustaining a Recovery Group in Glasgow: Calton Athletic Recovery Group Margaret S. Malloch 11. Serenity Cafe - on the Road to Recovery Capital Ruth Campbell, Kane Duffy, Michael Gaughan and Michael Mochrie 12. A Firsthand Account of Service User Groups in the United Kingdom: An Evaluation of Their Purpose, Effectiveness, and Place Within the Recovery Movement Matthew Kidd 13. A Tale of the Spontaneous Emergence of a Recovery Group and the Characteristics That Are Making It Thrive: Exploring the Politics and Knowledge of Recovery Wulf Livingston, Matt Baker, Sidney Jobber and Bob Atkins


ISBN-13: 9780415631303
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 216
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Subcategories: Addictions and Therapy


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