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A Short History of Human Error
From 3, 000 BC to the Present Day
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Main description:

This is a candid, sometimes controversial study of the psychological or other flaws of political, religious and economic leaders from ancient times to the present day: from Rameses II to Colonel Gaddafi, from Genghis Khan to Stalin and Hitler, from Buddha or Saint Paul to Martin Luther or Ron Hubbard, from bipolar, insecure, asthmatic or sex-addicted presidents to alcoholic prime ministers, mad kings, obese emperors and kleptomaniac dictators. Amongst their followers we find psychopathic police chiefs, gay generals, crazed philosophers, epileptic prophets and ludomaniac businessmen. We look at how the minor personality disorders and health problems of the few have led frequently to considerable misery for the many. Without slavish adherence to the latest psychiatric fashions the author uses at least some of these concepts to help analyse the antisocial behaviour traits of leaders past and present and to assess the degree to which their mental or physical state contributed to most of the world's worst man-made disasters: wars, genocides, famines, persecutions, enslavements and recessions.
We consider the questions: How many millions died because the Archangel Gabriel supposedly appeared to both the Virgin Mary and Mohammed? How many millions died because Napoleon was bullied at school, because Hitler failed to get into the Vienna Academy, because Stalin had an alcoholic father or because Mao suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? "'It is not fair that the lives of millions depend on the judgement of a man whose mind is warped by arteriosclerosis.' (C.MacLaurin, 1925) 'Civilization as we know it is largely the creation of psychopaths' (Clinton Callaghan)"


Introduction page - 17; CHAPTER 1; KLEPTOMANIA; Sargon, Thotmes II, Rameses II, Attila the Hun, Bohemond, Philip; the Fair, Genghis Khan, Sir John Hawkins, Cortes, Pizarro,; Napoleon, Leopold II, Hitler, Mao, Suharto, Marcos, Mobutu,; Milosevic, Duvalier, Fujiwara, Noriega; Herd Kleptomania: Athens, Rome, Muslims, Vikings. Ottomans,; Aztecs, Stroganovs, East India Company, Africa, corruption; Commercial and State Kleptomania: Enron, Ponzi, Madoff, Lehmans,; Dionysius of Syracuse, Caracalla, Philip IV, Frederick IV, James II,; Charles V, Henry VIII, Charles I, Frederick the Great, George; Washington, Harold Wilson, Robert Mugabe, American and French; Revolutions, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Berezovsky and other Russian; oligarchs, Tanaka page - 19; CHAPTER 2; PARANOID NARCISSISM; Ashur Nasirpah, Periander, Xerxes, Alexander the Great, Qin Shi; Huang, Wu Han, Antiochus, Herod, Hannibal, Tiberius, Caligula,; Nero, Justinian, Theodoric, Al Mansur, Harun al Rashid,; Mohammed of Ghazni, Abdul Hamid, Richard II, Inca Huayna; Capac, Moctezuma II, Qian Long, John Smith, Chong Shen, Nadir; Shah, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Lord Cardigan, General Custer, Kossuth,. Fernando I, Ludendorff, Hindenburg, Hitler, Franco, Macarthur,; Nixon, Verwoerd, Mao, Chiang kai Chek, Assad, Karadzic, Mobutu,; Suharto, Idi Amin, Duvalier, Habyarimana, Marcos, Charles Taylor,; Laurent Gbagbo, Mohammed Omar, Anders Breivik; Non-psychopathic narcissists: Ah Cacao, Godoy, Metternich,; von Bulow, de Redcliffe, Georges Boulanger page - 31; CHAPTER 3; VIRAL PARANOIA; Juntas: Thailand, Nigeria, Argentina, Greece, Chile, Burmah; Paranoid Wives: Lady Macbeth, Hatshepsut, Jezebel, Boudicca,; Zenobia, Wu Zhao, Razia Sultan, Martha Ludendorff, Mira; Milosevic, Bandaranaika, Indira Gandhi; Malignant Narcissism: de Sade, Giles de Rais, Torquemada,; Elizabeth Bathory, Josef Mengele, Shiro Ishii; Viral Sadism: Assyrians, Nazis, Japanese, Hutus and Tutsi; Viral Paranoia: Assyrians, Spartans, Romans, Jacobins, Germans,; Young Turks, Russians, Japanese, Cultural Revolution, India; Praetorian Guard Syndrome: Rome, Baghdad, Moscow, Istanbul; Post-mortal Narcissism: Egyptians, Japanese, Chinese; Schizophrenia: Caligula, Caliph Ibrahim, Eric XIV, Al Hakim,; Mad Juana, Sirhan Sirhan, spree killers page - 56; CHAPTER 4; INADEQUACY COMPENSATION; Height: Alexander the Great, Attila, Charles III, Charles I and Laud,; Napoleon, Sarkozy, Stephen Douglas, Madison, Wilberforce, Lord; John Russell, Nicholas II, Gavrilo Princip, Stalin and Hitler,; Ceausescu, Deng Xiao Ping, Gaddafi, Kim Jong Il, Medvedev, Pope; Gregory VII; Bastardy or Ancestry Problems: Sargon, Sulla, Constantine, Wu; Zhao, Charles Martel, William the Conqueror, Monmouth, Berwick,; Mansfeld, Robespierre, Canning, Hindenburg, Lloyd George,; Shaka, Weygand, Hirohito, Trujillo, Milosevic, Castro, Reagan,; Obama, Lula, Fatimids, Ahmedinejad. Anorexia and Bulimia; Catherine of Siena, Mary of Oignies, Saint; Angela, Saint Veronica, Emperor Claudius; Intellectual Inferiority and Dyslexia:Pol Pot, Ribbentrop, George; W.Bush, Commodus, Charlemagne, Akbar, Charles I, Frederick; William III, Woodrow Wilson,; Fear of Fear: Genghis Khan, King Stephen, Bismarck, Salisbury; Anhedonia: Monks, Sufis, Fakirs, Julian of Norwich, Mani, Buddha; Insecurity and Susceptibility: Disciples, Frederick Prince of; Wales, Tsar Alexander I, Henry III, Frederick William IV, Berchtold,; Heydrich, Eichmann, Tony Blair, Bush, Richard Reid page - 76; CHAPTER 5; SEXUAL SUBLIMATION; Achilles, David and Jonathan, Epaminondas, Alcibiades, Plato,; Agesilaus, Gaozu, Julius Caesar, Hadrian, Elagabalus, William II, Zen; monks, Richard Lionheart, Tsar PeterIII, Basil II, Bayezit, Edward II,; Henri III, Frederick the Great, Rudolf II, James VI and I, Orleans,; Vendome, Wolfe, Queen Kristina, Louis XIII, Karl XII, Gustav III,; Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, Napoleon, Hector Macdonald, Cecil; Rhodes, Kitchener, Krupp, Eulenburg, Ataturk, Rohm, Hitler,; Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Pope Alexander VI, Saint Paul, Origen.; Favourites: Jiru, Sejanus, Cleander, Gaveston, Despenser, Cochrane,; Rizzio, Carr, Buckingham, Abigail Masham, Bentinck, Keppel,; Mignons, Lerma, Olivarez, Menshikov, Potemkin; Oedipus Complex: Alexander the Great, Jahangir, Frederick Prince; of Wales page - 102; CHAPTER 6; BIPOLAR DISORDER; Saul, David, St Francis, St Catherine, Luther, Shebetai Zevi, John. Wesley, Joanna Southwood, Joseph Smith, Oliver Cromwell,; Felipe V, Potemkin, Pitt the Elder, Castlereagh, Mazzini, Lincoln,; John Brown, John Wilkes Booth, John Bellingham, Coolidge, Hayes,Pierce, Hong Xiuqan, Queen Victoria, Prince Rudolf, Churchill, Stalin,; Mao, Wilhelm II, Yeltsin, Gaddafi, Hamid Karzai page - 119; CHAPTER 7; ATTENTION DEFICITY HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER; Genghis Khan, Empress Matilda, King John, Emperor Frederick II,; Henry V, Louis XI, James II, Pope Alexander VI, Vlad the Impaler,; Cesare Borgia, Thomas Cromwell, Wallenstein, Peter the Great,; Robert Clive, Murat, Miguel, Dingane, Edward VII, Rasputin,; Bismarck, Clemenceau, Mussolini, Woodrow Wilson, Colonel Nasser,; General Patton, the Wright Brothers, Carnegie, Saddam Hussein,; Osama bin Laden, Vladimir Putin; Corporate ADHD: Recreational Violence, Blues and Greens, Vikings,; Crusaders, Mohocks, Bold Bucks, Teddy Boys, Hells Angels, Baader; Meinhof, Orsini page - 135; CHAPTER 8; AILMENTS AND DISABILITIES; Withered arm syndrome: Wilhelm II, Stalin, FD Roosevelt,; Richard III, Timur the Lame, Joan the Lame, Claudius, Talleyrand,; Byron, Goebbels; Porphyria and Lycanthropy: Nebuchadnezzar, Charles VI, Henry VI,; James V, Mary Tudor, Lady Jane Grey, Arbella Stuart, Mary Queen; of Scots, George III, Kristian VII, Princess Charlotte, Harald I, King; Vseslas, Vlad the Impaler, Conde, Giles Garnier, Werewolves. Epilepsy or paroxysmal attacks: Ezekiel, Alexander the Great,; Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Saint Paul, Caligula, Mohammed, Alfred the; Great, Michael IV, Saint Bridget, Luther, Richelieu, Louis XIII,; Napoleon, Archduke Charles, Peter the Great, Leon Trotski; Speech Problems: Moses, Demosthenes, Claudius, Edward I, Charles I,; Cotton Mather, Thomas Jefferson, George VI, Aneurin Bevan,; Molotov, Ceausescu,; Prognathism: Habsburgs, Charles V, Maximilian I, Philip II, Rudolf II,; Carlos II, Leopold the Great, Marie Antoinette; Asthma, Psoriasis, Scabies and Leprosy: William of Orange, Peter the; Great, Disraeli, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Kennedy, Alfred; the Great, Robert the Bruce, Isabella II, Stalin, Che Guevara, Marat,; Baldwin of Jerusalem; Graves Disease George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Krupskaya; Eye Problems: Maktum, John of Luxembourg, Vasili II, Mohammed; of Ghazni, Enrico Dandolo, Eamon de Valera, John of Aragon, Nelson,; Wahid page - 149; CHAPTER 9; MORE AIMENTS AND DISEASES; Lupus, Dropsy, Edema: Queen Anne, Marcos, Gaitskell, Empress; Elizabeth, Charles James Fox, Hadrian; Haemophilia Romanovs, Bourbons, Braganzas; Colitis, Crohns Disease, Addison's: Alfred the Great, Louis XIII,; Wilberforce, Eisenhower, Kennedy, bin Laden; Diabetes: Emperor Pedro II, Tito, Suslov, Andropov, Khrushchev,; Nasser, Sadat, Ho Chi Min, Papa Doc Duvalier, Tanaka; Gout: Alexander the Great, Sultan Bayezit, Kublai Khan, the Medici,; Pope John XXIII, Charles V, Cromwell, Walpole, the Pitts, Palmerston,. Chamberlain, Elphinstone; Prostate, Gravel and Stones, Nephritis: Napoleon III, Napoleon,; Nicias, Augustus, James I, Cromwell, Peter the Great, Empress Anna,; Wolfe, Mitterand, James Pollok, Lyndon Johnson, Indira Gandhi,; Ratko Mladic; Insomnia, Sleep Apnea: Napoleon,; Thatcher, Franklin, Roosevelt,; John Paul Jones, Lord Rosebery, Taft, Yeltsin; Obesity: Chinese and Ottoman emperors, Pope Leo X, Edward IV,; Louis VI, Philip IV of France, President Taft, Henry I, William III.; Strokes, Heart Apoplexy: Trajan, Edward III, Barbarossa, James I,; Catherine the Great, Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, Harding, Roosevelt; TB, Srofula and Measles: Alexander the Great, Charles IX,; Henry VII, Calvin, Richelieu, Louis XIII, Louis XVII, Napoleon II,; Bolivar, Monroe; Migraine: Caesar, Marlborough, Napoleon, Grant, Lee, Joan of Arc,; Jefferson, Marx, St Hildegard; Phimosis: Tsar Peter III, Louis XVI; Scurvy: Crusaders, Explorers, Navies; Onychophagia: Potemkin, Gordon Brown, Jacqueline Kennedy; Rheumatism and Arthritis: Augustus, Goring, Constantine IX; Nosebleeds, Epistaxis: Attila the Hun, James II, Rommel, Chiang kai; Chek; Haemorrhoids: King Alfred, St Cuthbert, Fumimaro Konoe; Stomach problems: Mussolini, Khomeini, George Bush; Teeth Problems: Washington, Louis XIV, Hitler, Mao; Inbreeding/Endogamy: Habsburgs, Bourbons, Incas Pharaohs; Page - 170; CHAPTER 10. PLAGUES AND EPIDEMICS; Malaria: Alexander, Titus, Popes, Emperors Otto II and III, Spain,; Genghis, Delhi, Cromwell, Walcheren, Mao, de Gaulle; Yellow Fever: Philadelphia, Barcelona, Alexander Hamilton; Typhus, Typhoid Fever: Athens, Granada, Germany, Russia, Napoleon's; army, Mahdi, Kosciuzscko, Adhemar, Prince Henry, Albert, Joseph Smith; Cholera: Bengal, Germany, Spain, Gneisenau, Grand Duke Constantin; Smallpox/Variola: Antonine Plague, Plague of Cyprian, Aztecs, Incas,; Tudors, Bourbons, Louis XV, Emperor Joseph I, Luis I of Spain, Tsar; Peter III; Bubonic Plague: Plague of Justinian, Constantine II, Plague of Emmaus,; Abu Obeida, Black Death, Great Plague of London, Vienna, Marseilles,; Seville, Shiro Ishii and germ warfare; Diphtheria: New England, Russia, Hisham, Pope Adrian IV; Meningitis: Emperor Taisho of Japan, Tsarevich Nicholas; Parkinsons Disease: Hobbes, Franco, Mao, Deng Xiao Ping, Arafat; Cancer: Theodora, Kenneth MacAlpine, Anne of Austria, Mary of; Modena, Kaiser Frederick, General Grant, George V, Bonar Law,; Chamberlain; MS: The Black Prince; Ergotism: St Antony's Fire, Salem Witch Trials, Peter the Great, the; French Revolution, Assyrian germ warfare; 'Flu: Mary I, Spanish, Asian; Some other common and uncommon diseases: Anthrax, Selim the; Grim, Washington, Angina, Pneumonia, Deep Vane Thrombosis, Polio,; Puerperal Fever, Motor Neurone Disease page - 198; CHAPTER 11; OBSESSIVES, CONTROL FREAKS. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Samuel Johnson, Charlemagne,; De Montfort, Huss, Cosimo de Medici, Philip II, Emperor Ferdinand I,; Tsar Alexei, Joseph II, Franz Josef, Frederick William, Martinet, Dyer,; Montgomery, Bomber Harris, Stonewall Jackson, Chadwick, Bismarck,; Hideki Tojo, Hitler, Lavrenti Beria, Himmler, Khomeini, Breivik; Panic Attacks; Millennia, Yellow and Black Perils, Reds under the; Bed, Bubbles; Competition mania; Arms Races; Fisher and Tirpitz, Mitchell and; Messerschmidt, Oppenheim and von Braun, Shrapnel, Kalashnikov; Secret Societies: Teutonic; Knights, Assassins, Freemasons, Carbonari,; Sons of Liberty, Black Hundreds, Boxers, Triad, Mau Mau, Muslim; Brotherhood page - 214; CHAPTER 12; ASCETIC NARCISSISM; The Hair Shirt Syndrome: Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, John the; Baptist, Vardamana Mahavira, Buddha, Han Shan, the Spartans; Celibacy: Origen, Saint Anthony, Jerome, castrati, Skoptsi; Masochism: Simeon Stylites, Peter Damian, Saint Bernard, Francis; of Assisi, Uwais al Qarni, Hassan i Sabah, Saint Dominic, Flagellants,; Shiites; Puritans: Knox, Tsar Alexei, Matthew Hopkins, George Fox, Loyola,; Tilly, Thomas Arnold, Charles Taze Russell, Gandhi, Khomeini, Osama; bin Laden; Crowd Asceticism and the Bed of Nails Syndrome: Fakirs, Firewalkers. page - 232; CHAPTER 13; DRUGS AND OTHER ADDICTIONS; Alcohol: Ulysses S Grant, Noah, Gin, Roman army, British army,; Cambyses, Bacchae, Alexander the Great, Caliph Yazid, Walid the; Libertine, Hardecanute, the Moguls, Henry VIII, Pitt the Younger, Joseph; Hooker, John Macdonald, Daniel Webster, Ludwig II, Herbert Asquith,; Ataturk, Winston Churchill, Yahya Khan, Joseph McCarthy, George W.; Bush; Gold: Croesus, Rome, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlemagne,; Basil I, Pizarro and Cortes; Diamonds: Rhodes, Charles Taylor, Mugabe; Sugar: Venice, Mamluks; Oil: Rockefeller, Yom Kippur, Biafra, Iraq; Narcotics, Stimulants, Halucinogenics: Chinese, Moguls, Clive, Nelson,; Assassins, Sufis, Berzerk Vikings, Lord Liverpool, Coca and the Incas,; Qat, Nicholas II, Goring, Eden, Churchill, Kennedy, Pervitine, Opium; Wars, Kamikaze, Ephedra; Hoarding: Bronze Age, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Templars, Collyar, Fort; Knox, Art Collectors, Bibliomania; Sex: Clinton, Kennedy, Berlusconi, Strauss-Kahn, Rameses II, Henri IV,; Louis XIV, Augustus the Strong, Moulay Ismail, d'Annunzio, Carol II,; Messalina, Theodora, Catherine the Great, Isabella II, Pope Alexander VI,; Monasteries, Virgin Queens; Gun Fetishism: Spree killings; Relics and Graven Images: The True Cross, Mohammed's Cloak, Antioch,; Iconclasts, Leo III, Zwingli; Pilgrimages: the Hajj, Lourdes, Kyoto, Crusades, Crimean War. Page - 243; CHAPTER 14; SPIRITUAL NARCISSISM; Prophets: Moses, Ezekiel, Zoroaster, Jesus, Paul, Mohammed, Said; Ubaid, Ibn Tumart, Mahdis, Wahhab, Bahai, Mani, Urban II, Aquinas,; Louis IX, St Francis, Joan of Arc, Saint Teresa of Avila, Luther, Calvin,; John of Leiden, Loyola, Nanak, Pascal, George Fox, Joseph Smith,; Mary Baker Eddy, Isaiah Shembe, A.J.Balfour, David Moses Berg, Jim; Jones, David Koresh, Sun Myung Moon, Ron Hubbard, Sai Baba; Holy War; Heaven/Hell Syndrome: Egypt, China, Japan; Human Sacrifice: Iphigenia, China, Aztecs; Imperial Cults: Egypt, China, Alexander, Rome, Diocletian, Theodora,; Incas, Louis XIV,; Chosenness: Chosen peoples, Men of Destiny, Fundamentalism; page - 268; CHAPTER 15; INTELLECTUAL NARCISSISM; Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Locke, Hobbes, Descartes,; Spinoza, Rousseau, Paine, Robespierre, Adam Smith, Malthus,; Schopenhauer, Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, Gobineau, Freud, Keynes,; Friedman, Curzon, Milner, Quisling, Harold Macmillan, Climate; page - 288; CHAPTER 16; LUDOMANIA; Gamblers as Politicians and Soldiers: Julius Caesar, Henry IV,; Henry VII, Bolingbroke, Sandwich, Palmerston, Disraeli,; Napoleon, Wellington, Nelson, Mirabeau, Nathan Forrest,. Churchill, Yamamoto, David Stirling,; The Pathology of Speculation: Pitti, Sultan Achmet III, South Sea; Company, John Law, Orleans, Mississippi Company, Bank Crises,; Nick Leeson, Hedge Funds, Sub-prime Mortgages.; Sport: Chariots, horses, football; page - 298; CHAPTER 17; GUILT NARCISSISM; Saint Augustine of Hippo, Rousseau, Tolstoy, The Shiites,; Ashoka, Louis VII, Savonarola, Khlysty, James IV, Alexander I,; Akbar, Gladstone; Viral Suicide: Seppuku, Jihadists, Jasmine Revolution; Viral Martyrdom: Christian Martyrs; Judgemental Disasters; Aztecs; page - 308; CHAPTER 18; POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS ANDOTHER ANXIETY DISORDERS; Peter the Great, Ivan IV, Lenin, Loyola, Machiavelli, Hitler,; Prince Asaka, Deng Xiao Ping, Jang Zemin, Hu Jintao; Xenophobia: Serbs and Croats, Tutsi and Hutu, Jews, Pashtun; Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia Louis XI, Frederick the Great,; Ludwig II, Abdul Hamid, Joseph of Portugal; Brain Damage: Henry VIII, Robert of Clermont; Eunuchs: Bagoras, Narses, Malik Kafur, Judar Pasha, Zheng Hi,; Mohammed Khan; page - 317; CHAPTER 19; STD's; Gonorrhea and Syphilis: Charles VIII, Henry VIII, Francois I,; Ivan IV, Darnley, Peter the Great, Grigori Orlov, Vendome,; Napoleon, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Lincoln, Randolph Churchill,; Woodrow Wilson, Shumei Okawa, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe. HIV/AIDS; page - 327; CHAPTER 20; HUNGER; The Great Famines, France, England, Baltic, Russia, China, India; Peasant Revolts; Diets for Aggression; page - 333; CHAPTER 21; GERONTOCRACY AND DEMENTIA; James II, Lord Raglan, Robert II, Edward III, Suleiman II,; Shah Jahan, Bahadur Shah, Frederick the Great, Quianlong, Franz; Josef II, Cardinal Fleury, Pius IX, Woodrow Wilson, Salisbury,; Ramsay MacDonald, Hindenburg, Neville Chamberlain, Petain,; Churchill, Stalin, de Gaulle, Brezhnev, Harold Wilson, Ronald Reagan,; Mugabe; page - 340; CONCLUSIONS; page - 349; BIBLIOGRAPHY; page - 351; INDEX page - 355.


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