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Treatment of Ongoing Hemorrhage
The Art and Craft of Stopping Severe Bleeding
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Main description:

This volume provides a concise yet comprehensive review of techniques for stopping ongoing hemorrhage in all areas of the body. The text discusses open surgical techniques and minimally invasive (percutaneous, endoscopic, radiologic, laparoscopic) approaches, as well as techniques appropriate to pre-hospital settings, such as "on the scene", ambulance, and the battlefield. The techniques and tips are delivered in a detailed, yet simple and straight-forward manner so that readers are more readily able to replicate these concepts in the face of ongoing, life-threatening hemorrhage.

Written by experts in the field, Treatment of Ongoing Hemorrhage: A Practical Guide is a valuable resource for surgeons, trainees, and any physician who works within the emergency department or upon critically ill patients.


Ch. 1: Medical Principles of Hemostasis: Just Give Me the Nuts and Bolts!

Paul B. McBeth

Ch. 2: Surgical Principles of Hemostasis: Ideas Worth Considering

Chad G. Ball, Elijah Dixon

Ch. 3: Endovascular Management of Ongoing Hemorrhage: Playing videogames on Patients

Jason Wong

Ch. 4: Head and Neck Hemorrhage: What Do I Do Now?

Pradeep H. Navsaria

Ch. 5: Major Hemorrhage from the Lung: Not the Lung!

Colin Schieman, Sean C. Grondin

Ch. 6: The Treatment of the Bleeding Heart

Andrew John Nicol

Ch. 7: Thoracic Vascular / Great Vessel Hemorrhage: No Child's Play Here!

Joseph J. DuBose, Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw

Ch. 8: Abdominal Vascular Trauma

David Feliciano

Ch. 9: Hemorrhage from Liver Trauma: OMG the Bleeding Won't Stop!!

Chad G. Ball, Elijah Dixon

Ch. 10: Liver Resection Hemorrhage: Prevention is the Key!

Elijah Dixon, Chad G. Ball

Ch. 11: Ongoing Hemorrhage in Liver Transplantation: Taking Bleeding to a Whole Nother Level

Alan W. Hemming, Kristin L. MeKeel

Ch. 12: Pancreas - Resection and Pancreatitis

Parsia A. Vagefi, Madhukar S. Patel, Keith D. Lillemoe

Ch. 13: Pancreas Trauma: So Much Trouble from Such a Small Organ!

Chad G. Ball, Elijah Dixon

Ch. 14: Genitourinary and Splenic Hemorrhage: Can We Salvage This??

Stefan W. Leichtle, Kenji Inaba

Ch. 15: Pelvic Trauma: How Do We Stop Hemorrhage in There??

Clay Cothren Burlew, Charles Fox, Ernest E. Moore

Ch. 16: Vascular Damage Control Techniques: What Do I Do When All Else Fails?!

Chad G. Ball

Ch. 17: Extremity Hemorrhage: So Close, Yet Seems So Far!

Martin A. Croce, Nathan R. Manley

Ch. 18: Hemorrhage in the Endoscopy Suite: This May Be Worse Than Using the Laparoscope!

Rachid Mohamed

Ch. 19: Hemorrhage in the Minimally Invasive Environment: Do we Have to Open?

Scott Gmora

Ch. 20: Hemorrhage in Pre-hospital, Tactical and Extreme Environments: We Can't Just Go Home

Andrew W. Kirkpatrick

Ch. 21: Bleeding in the Intensive Care Unit: Should we go to the OR?

Neil G. Parry, S. Morad Hameed


ISBN-13: 9783319634944
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 324
Weight: 571g
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