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Theoretical Models and Experimental Approaches in Physical Chemistry
Research Methodology and Practical Methods
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Main description:

This new volume presents an up-to-date review of modern materials and physical chemistry concepts, issues, and recent advances in the field. It presents a modern theoretical and experimental approach in applied physical chemistry. The volume discusses the developments of advanced chemical products and respective tools to characterize and predict the chemical material properties and behavior.
With chapters from distinguished scientists and engineers from key institutions worldwide, the volume provides understanding through numerous examples and practical applications drawn from research and development chemistry. It emphasizes the intersection of chemistry, math, physics, and the resulting applications across many disciplines of science and explores applied physical chemistry principles in specific areas. At the same time, each topic is framed within the context of a broader more interdisciplinary approach, demonstrating its relationship and interconnectedness to other areas.

The book is divided into 3 parts, covering:
Experimental Innovations and theoretical MethodsBiophysical Chemistry from a Different AngleMultidisciplinary Perspectives

This new book fills a gap within modeling texts, focusing on applications across a broad range of disciplines, and presents information on many important problems in physical chemistry. These investigations are accompanied by real-life applications in practice.


Coordination Polymers: A Brief Overview from Synthesis to Advanced Applications
Laxmi, Shabnam Khan, Eram Sharmin, Fahmina Zafar, and Nahid Nishat

Application of Thermodynamic Model for Prediction of Experimental Solubility of Alkali Metal Halides in Aqueous Organic Solvent
Sushma P. Ijardar, Arvind Kumar, Debashis Kundu, Tamal Banerjee, and Naved I. Malek

Annealing Induced Physicochemical and Optoelectronic Property Modifications in ZnO Thin Film
Rajesh A. Joshi

Electrochemical Sensing of L-Glycine on Carbon Nanotubes
Soma Das and Mitali Saha

An Overview of Prospects of Spinel Ferrites and Their Varied Applications
Ann Rose Abraham, Sabu Thomas, and Nandakumar Kalarikkal

Evaluation of an Immobilized Titanium Dioxide Nanocatalyst for Photocatalytic Performance
Srimanta Ray and Jerald A. Lalman

Electrochemical Profile and Antioxidant Potential of Gallic Acid in Presence of Ascorbic Acid
Dulce A. Flores-Maltos, Cristobal N. Aguilar, Ruth E. Belmaresa, Raul Rodriguez, L. V. Rodriguez-Duran, Edith M. Colunga-Urbina, and Jose Sandoval-Cortes

Efficient Synthesis of Oxygen Studded Graphene Nanolayers Possessing Tunable Photoluminescence from Hearthside Waste
Anu N Mohan and Manoj B

Interaction of Tertiary Amine with Aryl and Alkylethers: Experimental and Theoretical Approach
Zubin R Master, Zuber S Vaid, and Naved I Malek

Molecular Classification of 2 Phenylindole 3 Carbaldehydes as Potential Antimitotic Agents in Human Breast Cancer Cells
Francisco Torrens and Gloria Castellano

Approaches for Identification of Characteristic Lesions in Medical Imaging
Pedro Furtado

Kinetics of Ellagic Acid Accumulation by Solid-State Fermentation
Armando Robledo, Antonio F. Aguilera-Carbo, Arely Prado-Barragan, Leonardo Sepulveda-Torre, Raul Rodriguez-Herrera, Juan C. Contreras-Esquivel, and Cristobal N. Aguilar

Plant Growths Regulator
Rajeev Singh, Neelam Gautam, and Anamika Singh

Informatics Approach and its Impact for Bioscience: Making Sense of Physical Chemistry Innovation
Heru Susanto

Epr Paradox, Quantum Decoherence, Qubits, Goals and Opportunities in Quantum Simulation
Francisco Torrens and Gloria Castellano

Novel Beam Shaping

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit in Petroleum Refining and Optimization Science: Scientific Vision and the Road to Scientific Wisdom
Sukanchan Palit

Textural Quality of Ready to Eat `Shrimp Kuruma' Processed in Retortable Pouches and Aluminium Cans
C. O. Mohan and C. N. Ravishankar

Working Out of An Optimum Configuration of A Scrubber for the Purpose of an Intensification of Process of Clearing of Gas Emissions
R. R. Usmanova and G. E. Zaikov


ISBN-13: 9781771886321
Publisher: Elsevier (Apple Academic Press Inc.)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 450
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Subcategories: Biochemistry


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