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The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care 2017
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Main description:

The fourth edition of The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care is an
invaluable resource for those educating the next generation of physicians
and other health care providers. This easy-to-use text presents
succinct information about a wide variety of neurological, social, and
psychological sciences from a unified perspective of the complex evolutionary
processes of gene-individual-environmental interaction,
breathing new life into the biopsychosocial model so essential to understanding
human behavior.
The book is organized in sections covering Regulatory Systems, Basic
and Higher Order Homeostatic Systems, Development Through the
Life Cycle, Social and Cultural Issues, Societal and Behavioral Health
Challenges, The Health Care System, Policy, and Economics; The Clinical
Relationship; and Psychopathology. In this edition, numerous
chapters have been extensively revised to include the most up-to-date
information and to integrate the DSM-5 classification. A new chapter
deals with pain and a new appendix on psychological testing has been
Each chapter begins with guidance questions and ends with current
recommended readings, resources, and review questions. A complete
335 question-and-answer multiple choice USMLE-type exam section
not only allows readers to assess how well they have learned the material,
but also highlights important points and adds additional specific
information to supplement the text.
This text is particularly suited for use in systems-based and casebased
curricula that can be used creatively in flipped classrooms
and other active learning environments. Accessible and clear, without
oversimplification, the book facilitates interdisciplinary education,
providing a common core of knowledge applicable in many fields, including
medicine, nursing, psychology, and social work.


Section I: The Behavioral Sciences and Health
1 Evolving Models of Health Care by J. E. Carr, O. J. Z.
Sahler, J. B. Frank, and J. V. Nunes
Section II: Regulatory Systems
2 Predisposition by J. V. Nunes, I. M. Kodish, and
J. E. Carr
3 The Nervous System by J. V. Nunes, I. M. Kodish,
and J. B. Frank
4 Brain Networks in Health and Illness by M. I.
Posner and M. K. Rothbart
Section III: Basic Homeostatic Systems
5 Energy Homeostasis by E. D. LaMotte and
E. A. Schur
6 Chronobiology and Sleep Disorders by J. V. Nunes,
G. Jean-Louis, F. Zizi, and A.Seixas
7 Stress, Adaptation, and Stress Disorders by J. E.
Carr, I. M. Kodish, and P. P. Vitaliano
8 Pain by J. Dasika, N. Mai, and J. L. Kent
Section IV: Higher Order Homeostatic Systems
9 Emotion and Learning by J. E. Carr and I. M. Kodish
10 Cognition, Communication, and Social Interaction
by J. E. Carrand and I. M. Kodish
Section V: Development Through the Life Cycle
11 Selected Theories of Development by L. D.
Herzig, E. F. Myers, and F. C. Bennett
12 The Fetus, Newborn, and Infant by E. F. Myers,
L. D. Herzig, and F. C. Bennett
13 Toddlerhood and the Preschool Years by E. F.
Myers, L. D. Herzig, and F. C. Bennett
14 The School Years by E. A. McCauley
15 The Adult Years by J. A. H. Farrow
16 The Family by J. LeBron McBride
Section VI: Social and Cultural Issues
17 Culture and Cultural Competence in Health Care
by M. Camacho-Rivera
18 Health Care in Minority and Majority Populations
by M. C. Hosokawa
19 Sexuality and Sexual Disorders by C. P. Samenow
and K. Y. Salas-Ramirez
20 Health Care Issues Facing Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals by D. W.
Pantalone, D. C. Haldeman, and C. R. Martell
21 Geriatric Health and Successful Aging by P. M.
Section VII: Societal and Behavioral Health
22 Obesity by S. R. Cook
23 Eating Disorders by R. E. Kreipe and T. B. Starr
24 Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders by
M. F. Gomez and J. V. Nunes
25 Interpersonal Violence and Abuse by R. Maiuro
and N. K. Sugg
26 Poverty and Homelessness by K. Ramsey
27 Suicide by A. L. Chapman, J. Ferreira, and
K.C. Law
28 Understanding and Improving Health Literacy by
J. L. Calderon
Section VIII: The Health Care System, Policy, and
29 The US Health Care System by T. T. Chee and J. S.
30 Theories of Social Relations and Interprofessional
Collaboration by B. Michalec and
F. W. Hafferty
31 Moral, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Patient Care
by M. H. Shaw
32 Complementary and Integrative Medicine by
H. H. McClafferty and O. J. Z. Sahler
33 Palliative Care by T. E. Quill and
E. M. Denney-Koelsch
Section IX: The Clinical Relationship
34 The Provider-Patient Relationship by D. C.
Russo, M. E. Carraway, and L. C. Larsen
35 The Medical Encounter and Clinical Decision
Making by J. M. Firnhaber, D. C. Russo, and
L. C. Larsen
36 Motivating Healthy Behaviors by R. J. Botelho
37 Physician Health, Impairment, and Misconduct
by C. P. Samenow
Section X: Psychopathology
38 Introduction to Psychopathology by J. B. Frank
39 The Psychiatric Evaluation by J. B. Frank
40 Principles of Psychotherapy by J. B. Frank and
J. E. Carr
41 Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
by R. R. Pleak and J. V. Nunes
42 Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders by
S. M. Lillrank
43 Depressive and Bipolar Disorders by R. P.
Houghtalen and R. F. Houghtalen
44 Anxiety Disorders by R. P. Houghtalen and J. B.
45 Neurocognitive Disorders: Delirium and Secondary
Syndromes by M. Peroski
and J. B. Frank
46 Neurocognitive Disorders: Dementia by M. Peroski
and J. B. Frank
47 Stress Disorders, Bereavement, and Dissociative
Disorders by J. B. Frank
48 Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders by
J. B. Frank
49 Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders
by M. R. Herbert and J. B. Frank
50 Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders by
J. B. Frank and S. H. Cho
51 Personality Disorders by M. R. Herbert and
J. B. Frank
52 Pharmacological Interventions for Psychiatric
Disorders by M. R. Herbert and J. B. Frank
Appendix: Psychological Testing Practice Exam


ISBN-13: 9780889374867
Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: 572
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