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Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Disease, Part B: Volume 111
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Main description:

The aim of this volume is to promote further research and development in the protein interaction network in order to identify critical proteins involved in the etiology of human diseases and to identify new protein targets for drug development. Thus, this volume would be of considerable interest to protein chemists, pharmacologists, cell biologists, immunologists, structural biologists, computational biochemists and other researchers working in this field. Articles published here would also be of a great benefit to medical, biology and pharmacology students specializing in this field.


1. Targeting the Architecture of Deregulated Protein Complexes in Cancer Eduard Stefan 2. Multifaceted nucleolar protein nucleolin and its molecular partners in cancerogenesis Iva Ugrinova Revealing the structural and function impact of mutation in MSH2-MSH6 complex George Priya Doss P. C 4. Proteomics of screening-preventable tumors Nicola Luigi Bragazzi 5. Protein-protein interactions mediated by the N-terminus of neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthaseâ ¯ Jose Ignacio Rodriguez-Crespoâ ¯ 6. Proteomics of neurological, psychiatric and neurosurgical diseases Nicola Luigi Bragazzi 7. Targeting intramembrane protein-protein interactions: Novel therapeutic strategy of millions years oldâ ¯ Alexander B.â ¯ Sigalov 8. Development of therapeutic protein interaction inhibitorsâ ¯ James L. Keckâ ¯ 9. Homo-and heterodimerization of proteins in cell signaling: inhibition and drug designâ ¯ Seetharamaâ ¯ D. Joisâ ¯ 10. Human interactomics: comparative analysis of different interactomes and construction of a protein-drug bipartite network Javier De Las Rivas Sr. 11. Defining HIV-1 replication mechanisms by analyzing virus-host protein interactions Manuel Llano


ISBN-13: 9780128143421
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: March, 2018
Pages: 488
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Subcategories: Biochemistry


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