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Handbook of X-ray Imaging
Physics and Technology
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Main description:

This highly comprehensive handbook, edited by one of the world's leading experts in X-ray physics and technology, offers extensive coverage of the field. The book's scope includes X-rays as applied both to radiology for medical diagnostics and to industrial nondestructive testing. Basic introductory aspects are covered, as well as application-specific details on all major radiographic techniques, including mammography, dental radiography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography and veterinary radiography. Industrial radiography and tomography is incorporated, including imaging of artworks. Phase contract X-ray radiography and tomography, radioprotection and educational aspects are also covered.


PART 1: Basic physical and technological aspects
Chapter 1: Basic physics of X-ray interactions in matter
Chapter 2: Xray tube physics and technology
Chapter 3: X-ray generators
Chapter 4: Carbon Nanotube Based Field Emission X-ray Technology
Chapter 5: Technology of Miniature X-Ray Tubes
Chapter 6: Technology of pyroelectric X-ray tubes
Chapter 7: History of X-Ray Tubes
Chapter 8: Synchrotron radiation x-ray sources for radiography and tomography
Chapter 9: X-ray shutters
Chapter 10: Calculation of x-ray spectra
Chapter 11: Radiochromic film dosimetry for radiology
Chapter 12: Computed Radiographyã
Chapter 13: Photon Counting Detectors for X-ray imaging
Chapter 14: Image Quality
Chapter 15: Image quality in attenuation based and phase contrast based X-ray imaging
Chapter 16: Inverse Compton Scattering X-ray sources
PART 2: X-ray Radiography and Fluoroscopy
Chapter 17: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen - The discovery of X-rays and the creation of a new medical profession
Chapter 18: History of Radiology
Chapter 19: Digital Mammography
Chapter 20: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Chapter 21: Fluoroscopy: physics and technology
Chapter 22: Dental radiography
Chapter 23: Clinical mammographic and tomosynthesis units
Chapter 24: Physical image quality evaluation of x-ray detectors for digital radiography and mammography
Chapter 25: Mammography, breast tomosynthesis and risk of radiation-induced breast cancer
Chapter 26: Clinical radiographic units
Chapter 27: Clinical Fluoroscopy units
Chapter 28: Physical Basis of X-ray Breast Imaging
Chapter 29: Radiation dose in X-ray mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis
Chapter 30: Industrial Radiography
Chapter 31: Forensic Radiology
PART 3: X-ray Computed Tomography
Chapter 32: X-ray Computed Tomography for diagnostic imaging - from single-slice to multi-slice
Chapter 33: Analytical reconstruction methods in X-ray CT
Chapter 34: Iterative reconstruction methods in X-ray CT
Historical image gallery
Chapter 35: X-ray Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
Chapter 36: Small Animal X-ray Computed Tomography
Chapter 37: Quality Assurance of X-ray Computer Tomography
Chapter 38: Radiation Dose in X-ray Computed Tomography
Chapter 39: Dual energy X-ray computed tomography
Chapter 40: Soft x-ray tomography: techniques and applications
Chapter 41: 4-D X-ray Computed Tomography
Chapter 42: Dental and Maxillofacial Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Chapter 43: High Speed X-ray computed tomography
Chapter 44: Kilovoltage and Megavoltage Imaging in Radiotherapy
Chapter 45: Industrial X-ray computed tomography
Chapter 46: Industrial X-ray computed tomography scanners
Chapter 47: Dimensional metrology for industrial Computed Tomography
Chapter 48: Influence of scatter in X-ray imaging and scatter correction methods for industrial applications
PART 4: Phase-contrast X-ray imaging and other aspects
Chapter 49: Theory of X-ray phase-contrast imaging
Chapter 50: Non-interferometric techniques for X-ray phase-contrast biomedical imaging
Chapter 51: X-ray phase-contrast mammography
Chapter 52: X-ray phase contrast tomosynthesis imaging
Chapter 53: Crystal analyser-based X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging
Chapter 54: X-Ray scattering: analytical applications and imaging
Chapter 55: Tissue Substitute Materials for Diagnostic X-ray Imaging
Chapter 56: Phantoms for image quality and dose assessment
Chapter 57: Software phantoms for X-ray radiography and tomography
Chapter 58: Radiography and Computed Tomography for Works of Art
Chapter 59: Computer Aided Diagnosis for X-ray imaging
Chapter 60: Computer analysis of mammograms
Chapter 61: Databases for mammography
Chapter 62: Computer analysis of CT images for lung nodule detection
Chapter 63: Display Optimization & Human Factors
Chapter 64: Display for Medical Imaging and DICOM Grayscale Standard Display Function Fundamentals
Chapter 65: Quality Control of Medical Imaging Displays
Chapter 66: Radiation protection issues in X-ray radiology, fluoroscopy and computed tomography
Chapter 67: Educational aspects in radiography physics and technology
Chapter 68: Tables of X-rays mass attenuation coefficients, of K and L -energy, of K, L and M fluorescence yield, of Kα/Kss, Lα/Lssand Lα/Lγ


ISBN-13: 9781498741521
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 1320
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Radiology


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