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Guidebook to Dermatologic Diagnosis
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Main description:

A unique systematic approach to dermatologic diagnosis Guidebook to Dermatologic Diagnosis provides an innovative and methodical approach to the diagnosis of skin lesions and rashes. Centered around "The Wheel of Diagnosis" which factors in several important clinical considerations necessary to formulate an accurate diagnosis, the book is enhanced by numerous full-color images organized by clinical appearance rather than known diagnosis. This type of image grouping is specifically designed to teach readers how to think through and eventually arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Each chapter is also enhanced by tips on special testing, management, as well as the diagnostic approach. Although primarily written to be an innovative way to enhance dermatologic diagnostic skills, this unique resource can also be used at the point of care to confirm diagnosis.


Preface Introduction Chapter 1: The Wheel of Diagnosis Chapter 2: Color in Differential Diagnosis Chapter 3: Diagnostic determinants of primary lesions Chapter 4: Secondary lesions: the clues they provide, and an approach Chapter 5: An introduction to the reaction patterns Chapter 6: Papulosquamous reaction pattern Chapter 7: Vesicobullous reaction pattern Chapter 8: Eczematous reaction pattern Chapter 9: Dermal reaction pattern Chapter 10: Vascular reaction pattern Chapter 11: Ancillary reaction patterns: reticulate and poikiloderma Chapter 12: More useful differentials Chapter 13: More thoughts on groupings Chapter 14: More thoughts on distribution Chapter 15: An approach to mucous membrane and scalp lesions Chapter 16: Special tests


ISBN-13: 9780071738750
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Professional)
Publication date: January, 2018
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Subcategories: Dermatology


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