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Global Health and Security
Critical Feminist Perspectives
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Main description:

The past decade has witnessed a significant increase in the construction of health as a security issue by national governments and multilateral organizations. This book provides the first critical, feminist analysis looking at the global flesh-and-blood impact of the securitization of health on different bodies.

This collection looks at how feminist perspectives on health and security lead to different questions about health and in/security, problematizing some of the `common sense' assumptions that underlie much of the discourse in this area. It considers the power relations - the norms, ideologies, and vested interests that frame specific `threats' to health and policy responses, exposing the role that hegemonic masculinities play in constructing health and security policies. Divided into two thematic clusters, the first part of this book focuses on conflict, war and complex emergencies, amplifying their orthodox situation within International Relations. The second reviews the themes of structural violence and human security, moving from a `high political' focus to the domain of more subtle and often insidious structural violence.

Highlighting the critical intersections across health, gender and security, this book is an important contribution to scholarship on health and security, global health, public health and gender studies.


Introduction: Gender, Health and the Security Question Pieter Fourie and Colleen O'Manique
Part 1: Gendered Bodies in Zones of Conflict
1. The Invisible Tragedy of War: Women and the Environment Patricia Hynes
2. Survivors of Conflict and Post-Conflict Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Helen Liebling
3. A Conspiracy of Silence: Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Conflict Corey Barr
4. A Moving Target: Gender, Health and the Securitization of Migration Sarah Pugh
5. Securing Health in Afghanistan: Gender, Militarized Humanitarianism, and the Legacies of Occupation Vanessa Farr
6. Security as the Other Patriarchy: Policing STDs in Times of War Alexia Duten
Part 2: Structural Violence, Health and Gendered Bodies
7. The Global Movement for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Intellectual Underpinnings Adrienne Germain
8. Insecurity in Times of Peace: the Personal Embodiment of Structural Injustice Tessa Hochfeld
9. Global Responses to HIV/AIDS and Ebola Colleen O'Manique
10. Masculinities in Global AIDS Discourse Simon Rushton
11. Labouring Bodies in the Global Economy: Structural Violence and Occupational Health Teresa Healy
12. Public Health in the Anthropocene: Exploring Population Fears and Climate Threats Jade Sasser
13. Bewitched or Deranged: Access to Health Care for Transgender Persons Chloe Schwenke
14. The `Global Goals': Corporeal Needs and Embodied Life Peggy Antrobus, Pieter Fourie, Colleen O'Manique
Conclusion: Structural Violence, Human Security and Health for All? Colleen O'Manique and Pieter Fourie


ISBN-13: 9781138677364
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 256
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Subcategories: General Practice


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