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Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion
Canine and Feline Behavior
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Main description:

Blackwell s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Canine and Feline Behavior, Second Edition offers fast access to reliable, practical information on managing common behavior disorders in dogs and cats.
Takes a new section approach to allow for easier browsingAdds 19 new topics or algorithms covering separation anxiety, thunderstorm sensitivity, introducing pets to the family and each other, enrichment, geriatric behavior problems, handling techniques, urine marking, leash reactivity, pediatric behavior problems and best practices, and rescue petsOffers a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and managing behavior problems in dogs and catsDesigned for fast access to information, with identically formatted topics for ease of useIncludes access to a companion website providing 43 client education handouts for download and use, including 25 brand-new handouts


Section 1. Aggression
Chapter 1. Aggression: Medical Differentials Amy Pike
Part 1. Canine
Chapter 2. Aggression/Canine: Classification, Overview and Prognosis Ellen Lindell
Chapter 3. Aggression/Canine: Fear/Defensive Ellen Lindell
Chapter 4. Aggression/Canine: Food Ellen Lindell
Chapter 5. Aggression/Canine: Human Directed/Familiar People Ellen Lindell
Chapter 6. Aggression/Canine: Human Directed/Unfamiliar People Ellen Lindell
Chapter 7. Aggression/Canine: Idiopathic Ellen Lindell
Chapter 8. Aggression/Canine: Interdog/Familiar Dogs Ellen Lindell
Chapter 9. Aggression/Canine: Interdog/Unfamiliar Dogs Ellen Lindell
Chapter 10. Aggression/Canine: Possessive/Resource Guarding Ellen Lindell
Chapter 11. Aggression/Canine: Redirected Ellen Lindell
Chapter 12. Aggression/Canine: Territorial Ellen Lindell
Chapter 13. Aggression/Canine: Veterinary Office Ellen Lindell
Part 2. Feline
Chapter 14. Aggression/Feline: Classification and Overview Theresa DePorter
Chapter 15. Aggression/Feline: Fear/Defensive Theresa DePorter
Chapter 16. Aggression/Feline: Intercat Theresa DePorter
Chapter 17. Aggression/Feline: Offensive/Frustration Theresa DePorter
Chapter 18. Aggression/Feline: Petting Induced Theresa DePorter
Chapter 19. Aggression/Feline: Play Related Theresa DePorter
Chapter 20. Aggression/Feline: Redirected Theresa DePorter
Chapter 21. Aggression/Feline: Territorial Theresa DePorter
Chapter 22. Aggression/Feline: Veterinary Office Theresa DePorter
Section 2. Anxiety, Fears and Phobic Disorders
Chapter 23. Anxiety Disorders: General Overview Canine and Feline Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 24. Acral Lick Dermatits: Canine Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 25. Fear of People: Canine and Feline Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 26. Fear of Places and Things: Canine and Feline Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 27. Fear of the Outdoors: Canine Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 28. Firework Sensitivity and Phobia Karen Sueda
Chapter 29. Generalized Anxiety: Canine and Feline Karen Sueda
Chapter 30. Noise Sensitivities and Phobias: Canine and Feline Karen Sueda
Chapter 31. Separation Distress: Canine Debra Horwitz
Chapter 32. Separation Distress: Feline Debra Horwitz
Chapter 33. Thunderstorm Sensitivities and Phobias Amy Pike
Section 3. Compulsive and Repetitive Behaviors
Chapter 34. Compulsive/Repetitive Disorders: Canine and Feline Overview Melissa Bain
Chapter 35. Flank Sucking Melissa Bain
Chapter 36. Fly Snapping Melissa Bain
Chapter 37. Licking, Excessive Melissa Bain
Chapter 38. Pica: Canine and Feline Melissa Bain
Chapter 39. Psychogenic Alopecia/Overgrooming: Feline Melissa Bain
Chapter 40. Shadow and Light Chasing: Canine Melissa Bain
Chapter 41. Tail Chasing and Spinning: Canine and Feline Melissa Bain
Chapter 42. Wool Sucking and Fabric Eating: Feline Melissa Bain
Section 4. Creating Household Harmony
Chapter 43. Introducing Pets into Human Family John Ciribassi
Chapter 44. Introducing Pets to Each Other John Ciribassi
Section 5. Enrichment
Chapter 45. Canine Enrichment Rachel Malamed
Chapter 46. Feline Enrichment Rachel Malamed
Section 6. Geriatric Behavior Problems
Chapter 47. Behavior Problems in Old Cats Margaret Gruen
Chapter 48. Behavior Problems in Old Dogs Marsh Reich
Chapter 49. Cognitive Dysfunction: Canine and Feline Marsh Reich
Section 7. Handling
Chapter 50. Canine Friendly Handling Techniques Meghan Herron and Tracy Scheyer
Chapter 51. Feline Friendly Handling Techniques Ilona Rodan
Chapter 52. Accomplishing Routine Tasks in Dogs and Cats Lore Haug
Section 8. House Soiling: Canine and Feline
Chapter 53. House Soiling: Canine Valarie Tynes
Chapter 54. House Soiling: Feline Meredith Stepita
Chapter 55. House Training a Puppy Kenneth Martin
Chapter 56. Urine Marking: Canine Valarie Tynes
Chapter 57. Urine Marking: Feline Meredith Stepita
Chapter 58. Mourning Behavior: Canine and Feline Meredith Stepita
Section 9. Nuisance Behaviors
Chapter 59. Attention Seeking/Soliciting Behavior: Canine and Feline Sagi Denenberg
Chapter 60. Begging: Canine and Feline Sagi Denenberg
Chapter 61. Chewing: Canine and Feline Sagi Denenberg
Chapter 62. Coprophagia Sagi Denenberg
Chapter 63. Destructive Play and Exploration: Feline Sarah Bennett
Chapter 64. Digging: Canine Sarah Bennett
Chapter 65. Hyperactivity: Canine and Feline Sarah Bennett
Chapter 66. Jumping on People: Canine Sarah Bennett
Chapter 67. Jumping on Counters: Feline Sarah Bennett
Chapter 68. Mounting Behavior: Canine Wailani Sung
Chapter 69. Mouthing/Play Biting and Aggressive Play Wailani Sung
Chapter 70. Nocturnal behavior: Canine and Feline Wailani Sung
Chapter 71. Predatory Behavior: Canine and Feline Wailani Sung
Chapter 72. Reactivity on Leash Walks: Canine Amy Pike
Chapter 73. Roaming: Canine and Feline Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 74. Scratching Behavior: Feline Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 75. Stealing Household Objects: Canine and Feline Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 76. Travel Related Problems Carlo Siracusa
Chapter 77. Vocalization, Excessive: Canine and Feline Carlo Siracusa
Section 10. Pediatrics/Puppies and Kittens
Chapter 78. Kitten Behavior Problems Jeanine Berger
Chapter 79. Puppy Behavior Problems Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin
Chapter 80. Starting Puppies Off Right Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin
Chapter 81. Starting Kittens Off Right Jeanine Berger
Section 11. Rescue and Shelter Adopted Dogs and Cats
Chapter 82. Bringing Home the Rescue Dog and Cat Jeanine Berger
Section 12. Appendices


ISBN-13: 9781118854211
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (John Wiley & Sons Inc)
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: 1048
Dimensions: 150.00 x 250.00 x 15.00
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