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Aquaporins in Health and Disease
New Molecular Targets for Drug Discovery
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Main description:

Since the discovery of Aquaporin-1 (AQP1) as a water channel, many studies have revealed the importance of aquaporins in mammalian physiology and pathophysiology as well as plant and microbial biology. The studies have also shown aquaporins as potential drug targets and targets for improving crop properties.

Written by an international group of contributors at the forefront of the field, Aquaporins in Health and Disease: New Molecular Targets for Drug Discovery presents the latest research advances in aquaporins and other major intrinsic protein (MIP) channels. The first section of the book describes the general concepts of aquaporin channel function, genomic research, structure-function analysis of aquaporins and glycerol facilitators, and regulation by gating and trafficking, including yeast aquaporin regulation and function. The second section discusses the physiological and pathophysiological roles of aquaporins in humans and microbes. The final section covers the development of inhibitors of aquaporin function. The book's epilogue offers future perspectives and directions, mainly in the area of aquaporin-based diagnostics and therapeutics.

Stimulating future research on this important protein family, this book facilitates a paradigm shift in the understanding and roles of aquaporin membrane proteins in all biological settings. It encourages scientists to develop novel approaches for the treatment of human diseases based on aquaporin function or dysfunction.


Preface Soren Nielsen and Peter Agre
MECHANISMS OF FLUID TRANSPORT IN CELLS AND EPITHELIAAquaporin Functional Detection: Basic Concepts on Water and Solute PermeationAna Madeira, Teresa F. Moura, and Graca SoveralAquaporin Discovery in the Genomic EraRafael Zardoya, Iker Irisarri, and Federico AbascalAquaporin Structure and SelectivityArdeschir Vahedi-Faridi and Andreas EngelRegulation of Eukaryotic AquaporinsMaria Nyblom and Susanna Tornroth-HorsefieldYeast Aquaporins and Aquaglyceroporins: A Matter of LifestyleMikael Andersson and Stefan Hohmann
AQUAPORINS IN HEALTH AND DISEASEAquaporins in HealthAmaia Rodriguez, Leire Mendez-Gimenez, and Gema FruhbeckRenal Aquaporins: Role in Water Balance DisordersTae-Hwan Kwon and Soren NielsenVasopressin and the Regulation of Aquaporin-2 in Health and DiseaseGiovanna Valenti and Grazia TammaHepatobiliary, Salivary Glands and Pancreatic Aquaporins in Health and DiseaseGiuseppe Calamita, Christine Delporte, and Raul A. MarinelliAquaporins within the Central Nervous System: Implications for Oedema Following Traumatic CNS InjuryAnna V. Leonard and Renee J. TurnerAquaporins in Carcinogenesis: Water and Glycerol Channels as New Potential Drug TargetsChulso Moon and David MoonAttacking Aquaporin Water and Solute Channels of Human-Pathogenic Parasites: New Routes for Treatment?Julia von Bulow and Eric Beitz
AQUAPORINS AS DRUG TARGETSAquaporins: Chemical Inhibition by Small MoleculesVincent J. Huber, Soren Wacker, and Michael RutzlerDrug Discovery and Therapeutic Targets for Pharmacological Modulators of Aquaporin ChannelsJinxin V. Pei, Joshua L. Ameliorate, Mohamad Kourghi, Michael L. De Ieso, and Andrea J. YoolInorganic Compounds as Aquaporin Substrates or as Potent Inhibitors: A Coordination Chemistry Point of ViewAngela Casini and Andreia de Almeida
EpilogueAngela Casini and Graca Soveral


ISBN-13: 9781138894013
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 356
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Subcategories: Biochemistry


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