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Addiction and Weakness of Will
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Main description:

The way in which society views addiction underlies how it treats, understands, blames, or even punishes those with addictive behaviours.

This thought-provoking new book presents an original philosophical analysis bringing together addiction and weakness of will. Within the book, the author develops an integrated account of these two phenomena, rooted in a classical conception of akrasia as valuing without intending and at the same time intending without valuing. This fascinating and suggestive account addresses a number of paradoxes faced by current thinking about addiction and weakness of will, in particular the significance of
control and intention for responsible action.

Addiction and Weakness of Will makes an original contribution to central issues in moral psychology and philosophy of action, including the relationship between responsibility and intentional agency, and the nature and scope of moral appraisal. The book is valuable for philosophers, ethicists and psychiatrists with an interest in philosophy.


ISBN-13: 9780199641963
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP Oxford)
Publication date: November, 2013
Pages: 176
Weight: 250g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychology
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Average Rating 

A dense and serious exploration of foundational issues in moral psychology, with an eye most especially on the conditions under which agents are morally responsible for akratic behaviour... Specialists in moral responsibility and moral psychology will benefit considerably from reading Radoilska's view, especially her sustained criticisms of accounts that currently dominate the landscape