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The Late Eight
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The Late Eight, Third Edition provides clinical resources to help clinicians, students, and academics evaluate and treat late acquired sounds. The late eight are typically the last acquired by English-speaking children and are most likely to challenge school-aged students as well as non-native English speakers, both children and adults. The text is an ideal resource for anyone working with individuals whose speech contains errors affecting [theta], [d], [s], [z], [l], [r], [esh], or [tesh]. Additionally, vocalic [r] is included because it often serves as a step to reaching consonantal [r].The third edition keeps (and slightly modifies) the clinical resources while expanding the tool kit to include new essential clinical concepts, including evidence based practice, Spanish influenced English, the curriculum, and a new treatment model. In addition, the third edition replaces the CD of previous editions with an expanded and flexible interactive companion website.This edition includes 4 new chapters: Chapter 1: A Late 8 Update, Chapter 2: Using Evidence to Guide Clinical Practice, Chapter 3: The Late 8 en espanol, Chapter 4: Speech Sound Disorders, Literacy, and Curriculum.
It has also been enhanced with a PluralPlus companion website containing reproducible "cheat sheets," exercises, and word lists for clinical use; 24 different demonstrations of place, manner, and voicing;more than 70 phonetic placement and shaping techniques; 35 language awareness and speech activities; more than 4,000 words divided by phonetic and word environments; and more than 2,200 minimal pairs.


Preface. Contributors. Part I. New Essentials. Chapter 1. A Late Eight Update, Ken M. Bleile. Chapter 2. Using Evidence to Guide Clinical Practice: Considerations for the Late Eight, Lauren K. Nelson. Chapter 3. The Late Eight en espanol, Lindsey R. Leacox. Chapter 4. Speech Sound Disorders, Literacy, and Curriculum, Jennifer Walz Garrett. Chapter 5. Motor Learning Guided Therapy, Carlin Hageman. Part II. Clinical Resources. Chapter 6. Overview. Chapter 7. [theta]. Chapter 8. [d]. Chapter 9. [s]. Chapter 10. [z]. Chapter 11. [l]. Chapter 12. Vocalic [r]. Chapter 13. Consonantal [r]. Chapter 14.


ISBN-13: 9781944883034
Publisher: Plural Publishing Inc
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 400
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy


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